Advancing Audiology & Optometry in China

Student Spotlight: Liping Chen
Improving the Future of Chinese Optometry

Liping Chen - Salus CampusWhy did you choose Salus?
I applied to Salus University because I wanted to further the development of optometry in China by studying advanced courses and applications in the United States. The Chinese Optometric and Optical Association (COOA) entered into an agreement with Salus in 2015 and I was accepted into the Master of Science in Clinical Optometry with an Advanced Studies Certificate Degree Program in 2016, along with six other optometrists from across China.

Not only does Salus have a beautiful campus, but also many distinguished professors. I grew to love the Salus community and our program very much. The program is flexible in that, in addition to the MSCO courses, students can choose an area of concentration for the Advanced Studies certificate portion of the program. I chose Binocular Vision and Vision Therapy and was very pleased with my experience.

While at Salus, I became much more proficient in identifying and managing eye disease. The Controlled Patient Care courses helped improve my ability to communicate with patients, my technical skills became much stronger and I became more effective in the diagnosis and management of many ocular conditions.

My experience at Salus was so valuable for me; it really changed my career, and opened my mind in many ways.

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International Workshop Spotlight

Hearing Aid Technology & Clinical Best Practices in China

Workshop in actionThe four-day workshop, "Hearing Aid Technology and Clinical Best Practices" was held in Chengdu, China. The workshop was sponsored by AIER Education and Consulting, LTD., of Beijing, a leader of online audiology education in that country.

Dr. Giri Sundar, Osborne College of Audiology (OCA) director of distance education programs, Jason Galster, PhD and Jingjing Xu, PhD led the workshop. They trained 30 ear nose and throat physicians, hearing aid dispensers, audiologists and teachers. Most participants were active providers of hearing aids and worked in either private practice or hospitals.

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萨鲁斯大学Osborne听力学院(OCA)远程教育项目主任Giri Sundar博士、Jason Galster博士和Jingjing Xu博士主持了研讨会。他们培训了30名耳鼻喉科医生、助听器验配师、听力学家和教师。大多数参会者都是工作于私人诊所或医院的助听器积极提供者。