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Thomas L. Lewis Fund (PCO Foundation)
To honor Dr. Lewis’s dedication to teaching and academic excellence, the University has established an endowed fund in his name to support the academic mission of Salus University.
Joseph C. Toland Scholarship
The Joseph C. Toland Scholarship was established by Dr. Toland, a member of the PCO faculty. Scholars are students who exhibit clinical excellence and are selected by PCO clinical faculty.
Nyman Brothers Scholarship
To honor Dr. Neal Nyman and Dr. Jeffrey S. Nyman, the University established the Nyman Brothers Scholarship in 2023. Scholars are students who exhibit clinical excellence and are selected by PCO clinical faculty.
Crozier Memorial Fund
The Crozier Memorial Fund was established because the Crozier Family name can be traced back to the founding of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO), and through various family members, has played an instrumental role throughout the 100 years of what is now Salus University. This is awarded at graduation, students are nominated by PCO faculty.
Allison L. Barinas Memorial Scholarship
Established by friends, colleagues and classmates in memory of Dr. Barinas, a member of the Class of 2003.
Other Internal Optometry Scholarships

The University offers optometry students a number of grants and scholarships each year that provide incentive for learning and research. These awards are monetary gifts and do not require repayment.

Robert E. Horne Summer Enrichment Program

The Robert E. Horne Summer Enrichment Program (SEP), fully funded through the generosity of National Vision Inc., is an attempt to increase underrepresented persons of color (Black, Latino/a/x, and Native/Indigenous Americans) in optometry. Persons from those racial/ethnic backgrounds who have been admitted to Salus University's Pennsylvania College of Optometry are invited to apply for SEP.

The Eye Institute
The Eye Institute’s mission is to provide competent, comprehensive and patient-centered vision care to all who seek services, while providing the highest quality clinical education to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry’s optometric interns.
William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center

Located at The Eye Institute, the William Feinbloom Vision Rehabilitation Center offers visually impaired individuals information, instruction and access to specialized magnification devices.

Create an Endowed Scholarship or Fund

Endowed scholarships allow ambitious students from all backgrounds to attend Salus University and start their careers with less debt so they can focus on meeting the nation's growing needs for a highly skilled healthcare workforce.

A minimum gift or multi-year pledge (up to five years) of $25,000 will activate an endowment. The funds from interest earned on the principle will be provided in perpetuity. If you decide on a multi-year pledge, the first scholarship is awarded one-year after the endowment becomes fully funded (unless you fund an additional annual gift of $500 in which case such funds will be awarded to the recipient until such time as the endowment becomes fully funded.) Additional gifts may be made to a named scholarship endowment fund at any time.

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