Salus PhD Candidates Present at ARVO
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Salus PhD Candidates Present at ARVO


Noura Aldossary and Dr. Bill Monaco
Noura Aldossary and Dr. Bill Monaco

The world’s largest gathering of eye and vision researchers took place in Seattle earlier this month. Among the more than 75,000 attendees from 11 countries at the Association of Researchers in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) annual conference were three of the University’s PhD in Biomedicine candidates, Noura Aldossary, Aljoharah Alkanaan, and Wafa Al-Oltaibi, all of whom had posters on display.

The three women are faculty members at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. For a PhD program to have one student poster accepted by ARVO is a noteworthy accomplishment. Dr. William Monaco, associate dean of the Biomedicine program, said he was proud that Salus PhD students were represented by three posters and that all three women presented at the conference.

Salus PhD Candidates Present at ARVOThe Salus PhD in Biomedicine is research-based, so there could be no better conference for the students to attend. Noura Aldossary, MOptm, said, “… presenting a poster for the first time in such an international meeting was a rich experience.” She was grateful for the opportunity to experience ARVO, and noted that she had gained a great deal “through feedback, the exchange of ideas and interacting with people who share with me the same research interests.” Alkanaan noted that despite initial nervousness about “presenting at such a large, international gathering,” being at ARVO was a wonderful experience, especially meeting people who shared her areas of study and interest.

Aljoharah Alkanaan and ​Dr. Robert Barsotti
Aljoharah Alkanaan and ​Dr. Robert Barsotti

The posters were the work of the students along with their PhD mentors, among them two Salus faculty members. Dr. Elise Ciner, professor, is one of Ms. Aldossary’s mentors, while Dr. Robert Barsotti, associate professor, is a mentor of Alkanaan.

The posters presented were as follows:

  • Noura Aldossary: “Preschool Vision Screening by Parents Using an iPad in Saudi Arabia.”
  • Wafa Al-Otaibi: “Preliminary Data on the Prevalence of Keratoconus among Children and Adolescents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.”
  • Aljoharah Alkanaan: “Ultrastructural Study of Lamellar Organization of Peripheral and Central Stroma of Keratoconus Cornea”

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