BLVS Program Receives $750,000 Grant from Project MORE
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BLVS Program Receives $750,000 Grant from Project MORE

The University’s Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies (BLVS) has been awarded a $750,000 grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration to fund its Low Vision Rehabilitation (LVR) and Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) programs.

Titled Project MORE (Mentorship Outcomes Related to Employment), the grant’s focus will infuse within LRV and VRT curricula mentoring activities offered by assistive technology professionals, rehabilitation counselors and vocational rehabilitation professionals.

"Employment of individuals who are blind or visually impaired is about 30 percent to 35 percent. Our LVR and VRT graduates oftentimes work with adults or youth who are visually impaired and are embarking on college or employment, are currently competitively employed, or are at risk of losing their job,” said Kerry Lueders, MS, COMS, TVI, CLVT, director of the University’s teachers of visual Impairments (TVI) program. “It is imperative that Salus students are prepared to address the skills that are shown to lead to employment of these individuals, such as the skills addressed by Project MORE." 

Dr. Perla working with BLVS studentsMuch of the funding will be applied toward partial tuition scholarship and stipends, as well as the administration of both the LVR and VRT programs, according to Lueders. Students who enroll in these programs may be eligible to receive 50 percent tuition funding plus a stipend each semester within their customized program.

The LVR and VRT programs admit students from varied backgrounds, including education, rehabilitation, optometry and business. Graduates are prepared to maximize the independence and quality of life of individuals who are visually impaired and enjoy long, satisfying careers in the field of blindness and low vision, working in education, rehabilitation and/or medical settings.

For more information about this opportunity, contact Kerry Lueders at or call 215.780.1366.

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