Election Day Thoughts
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Election Day Thoughts

A message from the President to the Salus community:

As we all know, Election Day is tomorrow. This election season has been characterized as one of the most divisive and consequential in recent history. Conducted during a global pandemic with protests about racial injustice and social inequity and debates about climate change, healthcare, and other issues, we are casting our ballots and awaiting the results in a potentially unpredictable environment. Because of the likelihood that the results of the election will be unknown, and possibly disputed, for days or possibly even weeks after Election Day, there is increased potential for confusion, misinformation, and social unrest.
Given these possibilities, as you wait and ultimately learn the results of the election I want to raise your awareness and ask that, whether your candidate wins or loses, you embrace our core values of inclusion, acceptance, diversity, and respect for all people and our differences. These core values certainly pertain to interactions that you have within our Salus Community but also extend to our surrounding community.
If you decide to participate in an in-person event, please keep in mind the risks of the pandemic and be sure to social distance and wear a face mask. If instead, you turn to social media, please conduct yourself as if you were having a discussion that you would be comfortable having published for all to see – forever!  
We are actively inside the old Chinese proverb of “living in interesting times.” The additional stresses, inconveniences, and complexities of today’s environment take a toll on all of us. The next few weeks have the potential to be more stressful and raise anxieties even further. I strongly encourage everyone to be observant of your fellow students, faculty, or staff for signs that they are struggling. They might welcome supportive contact, conversation, or someone to just listen.
Over the course of our history, our American democracy has weathered great challenges. The year 2020 has certainly tested our mettle — but we will get through all of this together with our health, dignity, and futures intact.
Our utmost priority is to ensure that you all remain safe and supported during what might be a volatile time. Please remain calm and carefully consider your actions as history unfolds in front of us. Our counselors in CPPD as well as through Human Resources are there for all of us if needed.
Please stay safe and continue to embrace our core values as we remain Salus Strong.

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Michael H. Mittelman, OD, MPH, MBA, FACHE, FAAO