Recent Events and Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other
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Recent Events and Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other

A message from the the office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

I hope you are well, but recognize that some of us are not in the best spaces. The last 12 months have been really difficult with the constant traumatic incidents of racial and social injustice, leaving many of us feeling trauma, afraid, overwhelmed and exhausted. And the events (Asian hate crimes, mass shootings, the Chauvin trial, and recent Wright shooting) over the last several weeks have further exacerbated those feelings. We are constantly taking in images and hearing the stories through various media outlets, which can be triggers for our personal experiences of oppression and social trauma.
As a community of healthcare providers, students, educators and staff, it is imperative that we employ the fourth pillar of our credo, to "believe in high quality and compassionate care for the patients and clients in our clinical facilities," but also to practice this principle for ourselves and each other. Please be aware of yourself and your feelings and that of your colleagues. Let's be communal and "check-in" with one another. If you are personally feeling like a conversation with an external person might be needed, please utilize our resources:  
Students: Please contact the Center for Personal & Professional Development. Click here for contact information.
Employees: Please contact the Employee Assistance Program offered through UNUM at 1.800.854.1446.
We may not be in a position to correct the ills of society, but we can make a positive contribution in taking care of ourselves and those in our immediate community. We are Salus Strong.
In humility and healing,
Juliana (Dr. J)
Special Assistant to the President for DEI