Second-Year Audiology Student: Megan Boehler
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Second-Year Audiology Student: Megan Boehler

megan holding up a piece of paper smilingHi there! My name is Megan Boehler, I’m just a small city gal from Kansas who made the trek to Pennsylvania to pursue her audiology dream at Salus University Osborne College of Audiology. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Speech-Language-Hearing at the University of Kansas. During my time as an undergraduate student, I struggled to find a major that I could see myself pursuing. I took a course in audiology and knew I had to learn more about it.

After graduating, I took a year off and worked as a Special Education Paraprofessional while researching different graduate audiology programs. I found Salus University was immediately intrigued by their early clinical exposure and biomedical approach. Though far from my home, many people come to Salus from overseas, so I knew there had to be something special about it.

Now in my second year, I am certain I made the best decision as I have learned far more than I anticipated. Each instructor and preceptor brings something unique to the program. I consider myself fortunate to learn from these mentors daily and the ability to fine-tune my skills in clinic at the Pennsylvania Ear Institute. Currently, I am taking 12 classes: Vestibular and Balance, Auditory Evoked Responses, Pediatric Audiologic Assessment, Integrated Organ Systems, and many more. This semester has taught me that there are many routes this profession can take you. Personally, I am enjoying learning about Vestibular Sciences and the Disorders that can affect the balance system. Bre Myers, AuD is the instructor for this course. I have so much to learn from Dr. Myers and the rest of my preceptors in the upcoming semesters.

Megan and her classmates at a Salus event table

No day is the same here at Salus! I enjoy the variety that each day brings. Each morning I make myself two cups of coffee on the go and head to school for classes, clinic, and/or labs. This usually goes into the late afternoon, where I then head to the gym to de-stress, catch up on executive board duties for Student Council, or work on a group project.

In the evening, if I am preparing for an exam, I run home to grab a quick bite to eat. Then I make my way to the library to study until Rick, the security guard on-duty most nights, “kicks me out” at 11:45 PM and encourages me to catch a few hours of sleep. On my nights free of studying, you can find me at local restaurants getting table-side guacamole Senor Salsa and ice cream from Sprinkles with my friends. My night usually ends with reading a good book or watching Netflix. Finding time to relax, see my family, and spend time with friends outside of school is essential in professional school!

Megan and her friends at a dinner table

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