Transitioning into Optometry School During a Pandemic
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Transitioning into Optometry School During a Pandemic


There are so many unknowns when applying to graduate school. Where will I get in? Will I enjoy living in this city for four years? Who will be my future roommate? And now the additional unknown of how classes will change based on a worldwide pandemic. 

When we got the news of a hybrid first semester, I didn’t know how to feel. I graduated from the University of Miami, in 2019 so I didn’t experience the shift of online learning. In my gap year before optometry school, I worked as a public health teacher in a local high school. Through this role, however I felt the shift of online teaching, as I had to change the curriculum to accommodate an online setting. From a teacher’s perspective, I saw how important it was to have a continuation of learning, and how easily discouraged students could get being at home. I found that Salus University's approach was ideal, and truly has the student’s best interest at heart. By holding our lectures online, and maintaining small groups for lab, I am assured that I will be safe, educated, and friends with my classmates. 

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Being from Miami, Florida the now epicenter of COVID-19, I saw the effects of this virus firsthand. I witnessed what irresponsible actions will result to - and how quickly hospitals can reach capacity. I am fortunate that Salus University understands the impact of this virus, and is taking all the steps to keep us healthy. 

So what are my intentions for a hybrid semester?

  • Setting a schedule and sticking to it!

  • Practicing the life skills, I’ve learned in quarantine, such as preparing my homemade coffee and cauliflower gnocchi.

  • Maintaining a positive attitude, remaining grateful for continuation of learning, mindful of the state of our world, and thankful for this beautiful community.

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- Sonali is an optometry student at Salus University

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