Madison Gates, Speech-Language Pathology
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Madison Gates, Speech-Language Pathology

Madison and friend at graduationWhy did you choose Salus?

Hi, my name is Madison Gates, and I am a first-year Speech Language Pathology (SLP) student and a Salus Ambassador. I attended and completed a five-year master’s program at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), where I obtained a Master of Teaching Degree in Deaf Education. While I was finishing my first master’s, I was applying for SLP graduate school. I had a semester off from when I applied and finished my first master’s, where I was teaching in a school district as an itinerant Teacher of the Deaf (ToD). 

When applying for graduate schools, Salus was my first choice after attending webinars done by current SLP students, where they described their personal experiences. During those webinars, I found out that at Salus we start seeing clients in our first semester within the first couple of weeks of starting the program. This really piqued my interest as many schools did not have this opportunity. I then had to complete a virtual interview in conjunction with my application for graduate school. All other schools I applied to did not require an interview. Completing this interview really gave me the opportunity to also “interview” the school to determine if it was the right fit for me. After the interview, I could see how knowledgeable the professors were and how much Salus could offer me as a student expanding my knowledge. 

I chose Salus, and I could not be happier with my decision. Every professor and Clinical Educator (CE) are extremely knowledgeable in varying areas of SLP. The professors and CEs bring to the table passion and knowledge to help support me in my growth in becoming an SLP. 

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