Julia Gamarnik, Speech-Language Pathology
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Julia Gamarnik, Speech-Language Pathology

Julia Gamarnik

Why did you choose Salus?

Salus University has always held the top spot as my preferred graduate institution since I embarked on my journey as an eager freshman studying communication sciences and disorders. Fast forward four years later, as I neared the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I was avidly preparing for my next journey of continuing my education as a future speech-language pathologist. During my senior year of college, I vividly remember conversing with fellow students about the wide range of programs they were considering for their graduate studies. Despite being aware of other reputable programs across the country, my decision to commit to Salus remained unwavering. I chose Salus University for its immediate clinical experience, proximal location, and networking opportunities in the greater Philadelphia area and the meaningful connections I sought to establish with colleagues and faculty. As I approach the halfway point in completing my master’s degree, I can confidently say that I feel educationally fulfilled in my decision. My positive experiences with the clinical educators and professors within my program have affirmed my decision to choose Salus. Salus University undoubtedly stands as the jackpot of graduate programs.

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