Mackenzie Haley, Speech-Language Pathology
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Mackenzie Haley, Speech-Language Pathology

Why did you choose Salus?

Mackenzie HaleyMy decision to choose Salus University's Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program was deeply influenced by several factors, chief among them being the strong sense of belonging I felt during my visit. Following my interview, I distinctly remember calling my parents to say that if I was accepted, Salus was where I belonged. The welcoming atmosphere of the campus and the genuine care displayed by the faculty affirmed my choice. 

Coming from a larger undergraduate university, I sought a more intimate educational setting to foster meaningful connections with instructors, classmates, and clinical educators. Salus's smaller class sizes provided exactly that, enabling me to immerse myself in a diverse clinical experience from the first-year. This exposure allowed me to discover my passion for Medical SLP. My experience includes pediatric feeding-swallowing therapy, participating in advanced procedures like Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES), and constructing therapy plans for Aphasia and Traumatic Brain Injury survivors. 

Additionally, Salus University’s location close to home offered the convenience of commuting while providing invaluable support from family and friends throughout my graduate studies. In summary, Salus University uniquely combines academic excellence, personalized mentorship, clinical exposure, and familial support, making it the ideal environment for my professional growth in SLP.

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