Hear what our alumni have to say about the Salus University Post-baccalaureate program:

"I was in the Post-bacc program last year and had a really great experience. I am currently in the optometry program, here at Salus now, which I can thank the Post-bacc program for helping me prepare myself for the program of my choice. Along with that, I was able to make long-lasting relationships with classmates that were interested in different fields (along with my field also), as well as the professors that I would see around campus for the next few years." -Karolina

"The PBP at Salus was influential in helping me become a better student and future healthcare professional. The faculty guided us throughout the entire program to sharpen our clinical skills and made us stronger candidates for our prospective future programs. The confidence that I gained as a student from the PBP has helped me thrive in my current clinical practice." -Tracy

"The experience in the Post-baccalaureate program at Salus is really impressive. As the only international student in the program, I never had any educational experience in the United States and I faced a lot of challenges when I began the PBP. With the help of my classmates, they shared their notes and helped me to catch up on the courses, the professors in the PBP helped to solve the questions I had and go over the exams and quizzes with me, which helped me successfully finish the program. Besides that, CPPD also provided support and individual counseling for me; they gave me suggestions and strategies to help increase my study skills. All those support made me successful, finish PBP, and enter the MSOT program at Salus." -Xin

"The Post-baccalaureate program gave me the opportunity to experience the rigor of graduate-level science courses to make my application more competitive. After being accepted to Salus' OD program, my first semester was so exciting because I was already familiar with the campus and the teaching styles of the professors. While the program exposed me to the other programs offered at Salus, it solidified that Optometry was the right choice for me!" -Sabrina