Master of Science in Clinical Audiology

Master of Science in Clinical AudiologySalus University Osborne College of Audiology offers a Master of Science in Clinical Audiology (MSCA) that includes a core curriculum consisting of 24 semester credits and two fifteen-credit fellowships for audiologists who hold a bachelor’s degree in Audiology or related science and have a minimum of two years clinical experience.

The first cohort of the MSCA degree program is being offered for Audiology practitioners to advance their knowledge and skills in audiologic care and to experience specialized fellowship training within a specific content area. This degree program features biomedical and audiologic sciences, clinical sciences, research design and application, and small group learning experiences, delivered in 54 semester hour credits over a 22-month period. This is a hybrid program with both face-to-face learning supplemented by online content, hands-on workshops and supervised clinical training. Students will be required to travel to Salus University for a total of fifteen (15) days throughout the duration of the program to complete the four three-day hands-on workshops and one three-day clinical training graduation requirements.

Master of Science in Three Phases

The MSCA degree program is comprised of three phases:
  • Mandatory Fellowship Program in Cochlear Implants (15 Credits)
  • Hearing Aids and Hearing Aid Technologies Fellowship (15 Credits)
  • Core Curriculum (24 Credits).
Each segment of study is composed of lectures, workshops, clinical skills training, controlled patient care, and research opportunities.

Students interested in completing the Fellowship Program phase of the MSCA degree program only should contact the Office of Admissions for guidance in the application process. 

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