Salus University’s philosophy on assessment emphasizes continuous review and improvement of our educational programs. Our goal is to provide an environment that is receptive, supportive and enabling of the changes necessary to promote improvement of future outcomes. The University is committed to an ongoing process of assessment that is transparent and inclusive of all stakeholders and that includes students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni and the public as appropriate.

The mission of the Academic Assessment Committee is to uphold standards of academic rigor and support student learning at Salus University through measurable outcomes.

The committee’s role under guidance of the Office of the Provost is two-fold:

  • to provide a supportive environment that is collegial, receptive and facilitates programmatic and institutional modifications intended to improve outcomes;
  • to review and provide feedback regarding university-wide and programmatic assessment plans and practices.

Additional information for faculty and academic programs at Salus can be found in the Academic Assessment Handbook (PDF). Faculty and academic program leaders are also encouraged to contact the Academic Assessment Committee for support.

Academic Assessment Committee members: