patient in simulation lab

Our mission is to prepare dedicated healthcare professionals for the future by providing meaningful, safe, and mastery experiences with standardized patients or simulated participants (SP) in realistic, simulated environments. We are launching our program early Spring 2024.

What is a Standardized Patient or Simulated Participant (SP)?

A Standardized Patient or Simulated Participant (SP) is a person trained to simulate a patient in a realistic and repeatable (or standardized) manner. This includes simulating a specific set of behaviors, symptoms, or problems related to illnesses.

What is the role of the SP?

The SP is responsible for simulation-based teaching and assessment for the learner. This may be from an objective or subjective point of view.

The SP must:

  1. Accurately and consistently portray the physical, emotional, and mental characteristics of a simulated patient case for each encounter.
  2. Assess the learner based on the details of each encounter.
  3. Document the findings in written or verbal feedback form.
Expectations and Requirements of an SP
  • Ability to accurately memorize case details.
  • Ability to realistically portray a patient.
  • Ability to be consistent in every encounter.
  • Ability to recall what learner asked and/or did during the encounter.
  • Ability to portray various levels of pain, behaviors, and non-verbal actions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in written or verbal form.
  • Ability to provide helpful, professional, and unbiased feedback to learners.
  • Ability to follow instructions and adapt to changes, if necessary.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality; case materials, students, events, and other SP’s.
  • Ability to receive feedback based on performance and make changes with a positive and willing attitude.
  • Ability to be video/audio recorded.

Pay Scale
Most cases pay $22/per hour for the event and $20/per hour for training. You will be paid a minimum of two hours for each performance. You will not be paid for training until you have completed your first performance of a case. You will be paid via check. 

Parking and Badges
Parking is free. You will receive a parking permit for your car and a contractor badge during Orientation and Onboarding. 

Event Hours and Days
All events will take place Monday - Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., onsite at Salus University.

Professional Development
You will receive several online and in person professional development opportunities. Professional Development is paid $15/per hour. 

Flexible Work
Work when you want! You can approve or refuse job assignments based on your schedule.

Cases and events are scheduled on an AS NEEDED basis. We DO NOT guarantee a minimum number of hours or events per week. Cases are demographic specific and require thoughtful planning.

Appreciation Day
Once a year, usually in the summer, we will hold an onsite gathering with food, fun, and games to celebrate and appreciate all of our Standardized Patients for their dedication to our programs and learners.

ASPE Standards of Best Practice (SOBP)

The ASPE SOBP’s are designed for those working with human role players who interact with learners in a wide range of experiential learning and assessment contexts. Failure to follow the ASPE SOBP could compromise the safety of participants and the effectiveness of a simulation session. [1]



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