Certificate Program in Low Vision Rehabilitation Sequence of Courses

Sucessful completion of all certificate programs prepares participants for application for professional certification by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Educational Professional (ACVREP).

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Spring Semester
Course #               Title                                                                                         Delivery Credits
CER-BLV-5000AA Foundations of Education and Rehabilitation Blended 2.00
CER-BLV-5001AA Clinical and Functional Implications of Visual Impairment Distance Education 3.00
CER-BLV-5002AA Psychological & Social Dynamics of Visual Impairment Blended 1.00
CER-BLV-5200AA Principles of Low Vision Rehabilitation Blended 3.00
Summer Semester
Course #              Title                                                                                    Delivery     Credits
CER-BLV-5130AB Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 1 Blended 3.00
CER-BLV-5131AB Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 2 Blended 2.00
CER-BLV-6200 LVR Fieldwork Blended 2.00
Fall Semester
Course #              Title                                                                              Delivery                 Credits
CER-BLV-5103AA Introduction to Assistive Technology Distance Education 2.00
CER-BLV-5104AB Neurological Visual Impairment in Adults Distance Education 1.00
CER-BLV-5132AA Low Vision Assessment & Intervention 3 Distance Education 2.00
Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities Blended 2.00
Upon Completion of Didactic
Course #                         Title                                          Delivery                                   Credits
CER-BLV-6201 LVR Internship Blended 6.00
Certificate Program in Low Vision Rehabilitation Total Credits:
  • 29.00 credits