The Salus University Master of Science degree in speech-language pathology will consist of 60 graduate credits that will include a series of clinical practicums.

First Year - Fall Semester
Course #                  Course Title Semester Credits
SLP-5000-AB Neuroscience 3.00
SLP-5001-AB Counseling Foundations in Communication Sciences & Disorders 2.00
SLP-5100-AC Articulation and Phonological Disorders 2.50
SLP-5130-AB Prevention, Assessment & Treatment of Communication Disorders
in the Children: Zero to Five 
SLP-5230-AC Adult Language Disorders 1: Aphasia and Right Hemisphere Damage 2.50
SLP-5555-AB Evidence Based Practice in Interprofessional Education: General Concepts 1.00
SLP-6000-AB Clinical Foundations 2.00
First Year - Fall Semester Total 15.00
First Year - Spring Semester
Course #                 Course Title Semester Credits
SLP-5002-AB Applied Integrative Anatomy for Speech-Language Pathology
(Gross Anatomy Course with Dissected/ Prosected Cadavers)
SLP-5005-AA Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies                                        1.00
SLP-5131-AB Prevention, Assessment & Treatment of Communication Disorders in School-Aged Children: Six to Twenty One 2.00
SLP-5231-AC Adult Language Disorders 2: Traumatic Brain Injury and the Dementias 2.50
SLP-5400-AC Research Design and Application of Evidence Based Practice in Speech-Language Pathology (includes students identifying Capstone Project Topic)  2.50
SLP-5401-AB Dysphagia 3.00
SLP-6030-A Clinical Management and Practicum 1 2.00
First Year - Spring Semester Total  15.00
First Year Totals 30.00
Second Year - Summer Term
Course #                Course Title Semester Credits
SLP-5003-AB Communication Disorders in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Populations 2.00
SLP-5300-AB Motor Speech Disorders 2.00
SLP-5301-AB Autism Spectrum Disorders 2.00
SLP-5302-AB Fluency Disorders 2.00
SLP-5303-AB Voice Disorders 2.00
SLP-6031-AB Clinical Management and Practicum 2 2.00
Second Year - Summer Term Total 12.00
Second Year - Fall Semester
Course #                  Course Title Semester Credits
SLP-5030-AB Special Topics Seminar 1 2.00
SLP-5304-AB Technology in Speech-Language Pathology:
Augmentative and Alternative Communication and Computer Applications
SLP-5500-AB Aural Habilitation/Rehabilitation  2.00
SLP-6032-AB Clinical Management and Practicum 3 3.00
Second Year - Fall Semester Total 9.00
Second Year - Spring Semester
Course # Course Title Semester Credits
SLP-5004-AB Professional Issues and Ethics in Speech-Language Pathology 2.00
SLP-5031-AB Special Topics Seminar 2 2.00
SLP-5402-AB Capstone Project in Speech-Language Pathology
(required with single day presentation on campus)                 
SLP-6033-AB Clinical Management and Practicum- 4 3.00
SLP-6050-AA Comprehensive Examination in Speech-Language Pathology 0.00
Second Year - Spring Semester Total 9.00
Second Year Totals 30.00
TOTAL CREDITS of the Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology Curriculum:     60.00
Course #                     Course Title                                                              Semester Credits                            
SLP-5556-AA Speech-Language Pathology Independent Study Variable Options: 1, 2, or 3 credits 
SLP-5777-AA Professionally Speaking 1.00