Optometry is a dynamic and challenging profession that provides practitioners the opportunity to help people and at the same time, achieve personal growth, gain community respect, enjoy great work-life balance and financial success.

Careers in OptometryAs an optometrist you will join the ranks of the approximately 30,000 practicing Doctors of Optometry in the U.S. who stand at the center of the team providing advanced vision care. You will diagnose and treat eye diseases, prescribe optical devices for vision corrections, direct the pre- and post-operative care of refractive and laser surgery patients, help children with learning disabilities through vision training, and provide vision rehabilitation services to people with severe vision impairments.

You may choose from a continually expanding range of professional options:

  • Private Practice 
  • Group Practice
  • Private Industry
  • Public Health Services
  • Armed Forces
  • Community Health Centers
  • Health Maintenance Organizations

Optometry is one of the top ten income-earning professions in the country today - a profession offering you regular hours, flexibility in the type of practice, and a myriad of choices in geographic location. Data from the American Optometric Associations shows the average net incomes ranging from $140,013 for the primary practice of optometry to $172,356 for optometrists who own all or a portion of their practice.

If you have the desire, the demonstrated academic skills, and a commitment to helping others, envision a career in optometry. The Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University will prepare you to take your place among the leaders of the profession.

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