bhawan minhas, OD

PCO Resident, Primary Care 2013-2014 (now Director, On-Campus Residency Programs)
Bhawan Minhas, ODLooking back on my journey as a Primary Care Resident at The Eye Institute, I am overcome with a sense of pride graduating from such a rigorous and fulfilling program. I can honestly say that it was one of the hardest, yet one of the most enjoyable years of my life and is a time I hold dear to my heart. My growth, both as a clinician and instructor, was exponential during the year with much credit due to the amazing faculty and co-residents I had the opportunity to work with and learn from. I was very impressed by the sense of community I felt at TEI; with the kind staff, inquisitive students, hardworking co-residents and motivating faculty creating a hardworking eye care team. Upon completion of my program, I felt inspired to join the faculty at PCO and am honored to teach side by side with such a brilliant, humble and supportive group of people. 

Yen Le, OD

PCO Resident, Primary Care 2010-2011
As I am completing a Residency in Primary Care at The Eye Institute PCO/Salus University, I realize that I have undergone an incredible journey full of rich educational and clinical experiences.  Every day of my residency, I have learned something new and have been given an outstanding opportunity to go beyond the traditional training of a graduate optometrist.  I have been able to gain insightful, clinical pearls by being exposed to diverse, challenging patient pathologies and by being the recipient of outstanding mentorship from both the optometric and ophthalmologic staff.  In addition, I have had the opportunity to lecture at several continuing educational programs and have had several case reports/posters accepted at academic meetings.  I have never regretted my decision to engage in residency education.  The experience has been an extremely rewarding, life changing experience, and I would strongly encourage others to pursue an optometric residency.  

Michael Rebarchik, OD

PCO Resident, Cornea and Specialty Contact Lens Service  2010-2011
The Cornea and Specialty Contact Lens Residency program at The Eye Institute PCO/Salus University was a very enjoyable, extremely rewarding experience that afforded me the opportunity to become highly specialized in my field of interest.  Working alongside an outstanding corneal surgeon gave me the confidence to properly diagnose and manage corneal disease.  The experience also gave me an in-depth understanding of pre and post-surgical care of patients undergoing corneal transplants, refractive procedures, and cataract surgery.  My exposure to specialty contact lens care allowed me to develop into a very confident contact lens practitioner able to fit virtually any cornea with gas-permeable contact lenses.  Thus, I was able to give my patients the opportunity to attain the highest level of vision possible.  What I loved most about my residency experience, however, was the willingness of my fellow residents to always provide me with professional assistance or a second opinion on any challenging case.  The personal and professional friendships I created during my residency will truly last a lifetime.

Sara Shkalim, OD

PCO Resident, Low Vision Rehabilitation 2010-2011
The Low Vision Rehabilitation Residency at the William Feinbloom Center – The Eye Institute PCO/Salus University has given me the experience and confidence to provide my low-vision patients with comprehensive medical examinations and to develop and institute a multidisciplinary strategy to enhance their quality of life through visual rehabilitation.  The amount of education and clinical growth that I have experienced throughout this residency has been truly staggering.  The supportive staff, inquisitive students, and most particularly, the inspiring guidance of faculty, have given me the necessary tools that I will use for rest of my career.  I will always be grateful for the clinical and intellectual growth that residency education provided.  I will also cherish the wonderful memories of working alongside such an impressive faculty and close knit group of colleagues.