Living Skills Lab

Located in the West Wing, the College of Education and Rehabilitation Lab is a resource for students in several programs within the college.

Salus University - Occupational Therapy ProgramThe Vision Rehabilitation Therapy program uses the College of Health Sciences, Education and Rehabilitation (CHER) Lab as their primary classroom. The CHER Lab serves as the training facility to teach VRT students adapted activities of daily living skills in the areas of adaptive food preparation, adaptive home management skills, including: cleaning, crafts, eating skills, home maintenance skills, etc.

The CHER Lab is also an invaluable space in which the Occupational Therapy programs utilize all three semesters, especially in the summer and fall when students in the Master of Occupational Therapy (MSOT) degree program are learning about OT theory and practice for adult and geriatric populations. The OT students at Salus love this space because it's where they learn clinical, hands-on skills necessary for them to master prior to embarking on their off-campus Fieldwork experiences, such as transfer, functional mobility, assistive device, and other instrumental and basic activity of daily living skills.