The Student Council is at the forefront of all student activities and serves as the liaison between students and administration, faculty, alumni, and the community.

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The Council advocates and promotes the welfare of students, organizes social activities and intramural sports, and promotes a professional attitude toward the University and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Osborne College of Audiology, and College of Health Sciences, Education & Rehabilitation. Student Council is comprised of the executive board, class officers who represent each respective program by year, registered student organizations, and two advisors, the Dean of Students and Associate Director of Student Engagement. 

Executive Board

President - Megan Kirkpatrick, '24AUD
Megan KirkpatrickHello! My name is Megan Kirkpatrick and I am a current first-year doctoral student in the Osborne College of Audiology at Salus University. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Pittsburgh. H2P!!

Serving in a leadership position has been something I have been very passionate about all through my undergraduate studies. I have served as a Peer Mentor, Community Assistant, Vice President of Circle K and Chairwoman of the Judicial Board for my sorority. Serving in these roles has prepared me to take on the responsibilities that are required of the President of Student Council. I am so excited to work with the incredible students, staff and faculty here at Salus!

I believe finding your home away from home during your graduate studies is so important and I am so thankful I have found mine here at Salus!
Secretary - Meagan Canales, '23AUD
Meagan CanalesHi everyone! My name is Meagan Canales and I am a first year Audiology doctoral student in the three – year track accelerated program in the Osborne College of Audiology. I currently serve as the Student Council Executive Secretary. I am from Rio Grande City, Texas. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in 2020 with a B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders. HOOK ‘EM! During my undergraduate career I was the Director of Administration for the Gateway Mentor Program, a leader for the Latinx Health Professions Organization, and a member of the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). Being a part of the student community at UT helped me realize that I wanted to continue being involved as a student leader at Salus University. I also serve as a Salus Ambassador and as a member of Student Academy of Audiology (SAA)!

Moving across the country to purse my Doctorate of Audiology has been extremely exciting and rewarding. Gaining clinical experience during my first year is an opportunity that not many students get in other programs. Salus always strives to help students and wants to see success amongst all cohorts. Inclusivity and diversity are some great attributes that Salus holds, and no one student should feel alone at this school. Professors help push and encourage their students to become the best clinicians possible. As the Executive Secretary of Student Council, I am extremely excited to meet new faces and proudly represent my school. I am eager to continue my journey as an audiology student and I look forward to becoming an audiologist in the future!
Treasurer - Courtney Luikert, '23AUD
Courtney LuikertMy name is Courtney Luikert, I am a first year Audiology student in the three-year track program. I graduated from Montclair State University in my home state of New Jersey with an Associates Degree in American Sign Language and Deaf culture and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I serve as the Executive Treasurer for Salus, managing organizations and class council budget spending. I chose Salus because of their early clinical experience and their new and innovative ways to allow students to grow with hands-on learning. The faculty and clinicians are the backbone of this University that motivate students to become the health care professional they strive to be. When a school break is needed, I love to take my dog, Mimi, on walks through various parks and trails that surround Elkins Park.

SMOTBOT - Jimmy Brand, '22AUD
James BrandMy name is Jimmy Brand, and I am a third-year Audiology student. I received my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences and co-curricular designation in diversity and inclusion from Western Michigan University in 2017(Go Broncos). I have the pleasure to be the Student member of the Board of Trustees, affectionately referred to at the SMOTBOT. I represent the student body on the board, as well as in committee, for a two-year term starting in January of 2020. Additionally, I serve as a Student Ambassador and on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. I have found Salus University and the greater Philadelphia area to be a welcoming second home. I am proud to be able to represent an institution of higher education that strives toward an inclusive culture and culture of clinical excellence. 
Parliamentarian - Lilliana Geraldes, '24AUD
Lilliana GeraldesMy name is Lilliana Geraldes, and I am a first-year Audiology student at Salus University. I graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and minor in Chemistry. While working as a medical assistant, I contemplated my career path. During that time, I furthered my education by receiving my Master’s in Science in Biochemistry and published a paper discussing nutrition in the pediatric population. I chose audiology because I firmly believe all people in all stages of life deserve to have the chance to communicate with their loved ones.

I am appreciative of the opportunity to be a part of every organization’s procedure to plan and execute their events as well as inputting them into the student events calendar! I am also grateful to be given the opportunity to write out the weekly emails to keep everyone in the loop of what is going on at Salus University. It makes me proud to attend a school that is committed to training all of us to be exceptional healthcare professionals!
Executive Assistant - Chase Sereno, '24AUD
Chase SerenoMy name is Chase, and I am currently a first-year student here at Salus. I am originally from Oswego, New York which is located in central New York on the southeast section of Lake Ontario. I received a Bachelor of Science degree at SUNY Fredonia in Communications and Audio Production, and a second Bachelor of Science degree at Utah State University in Communications Sciences and Disorders with Deaf Education. 

Since my first days of coming to Salus I have felt welcomed by the faculty, staff and my fellow students. Salus has been an amazing experience for me to advance my education with the early clinical skills mixed with didactic learning and personal development while serving on student council. When I am not busy with my studies I enjoy playing a variety of instruments, playing soccer or tennis and going hiking.

It’s a pleasure to work with, serve and advocate for all of you on the student council.
Assistant Treasurer - Sierra Niesen, '24AUD
Sierra NiesenMy name is Sierra Niesen and I’m a first-year Audiology student from Forest Grove Oregon. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences from the University of Oregon. I currently serve as the assistant treasurer and help with class council, clubs and organizations’ budgets and money management. I was drawn to Salus University because of the incredible equipment available to all students on campus and the complete change in scenery from West Coast to East Coast. I love that faculty and staff truly want to help build the next generation of top-tier healthcare professionals and take the time to invest in their students.


Class Officers by Program

​Audiology Class of 2022
President: Holly Forst
Vice President: Michele Normant
Secretary: Samantha Depinto
Treasurer: Nina Grant
​Audiology Accelerated
2024 President (First Year): Ann Benny
2023 President (Second Year): Jessica Alunni
​Audiology Class of 2024
President: Jennifer Curtin 
Vice President/Secretary: Erin Rielly
Treasurer: Yesenia Castillo
​Audiology Class of 2025
President: Riley Abernethy
Vice President/Secretary: Eddie Diaz Serrano
Treasurer: Navpreet Grewal
​Optometry Scholars
President (First Year): Shale Beharie
President (Second Year): Misa Sueyoshi
Treasurer: Claire Cabin
​Optometry Class of 2022
President: Michael Chermak
Vice President: Matthew Cellar
Secretary: Isabelle Daskas
Treasurer: Dung Dang (Jennifer)
​Optometry Class of 2023
President: Lauren Yancey
Vice President/Secretary: Callia Tweedell
Treasurer: Abrielle Garber
​Optometry Class of 2024
President: Wajiha Ishtiaq
Vice President/Secretary: Ariella Erin Poon
Treasurer: Ashmita Jandwani
​Optometry Class of 2025
President: Dena Mohamed
Vice President/Secretary: Nataliya Babiychuk
Treasurer: Nolan Shenk
​Occupational Therapy Class of 2022
President: Robin Kramme
Vice President/Secretary: Rachel Boas
Treasurer: Hannah Dewees
​Occupational Therapy Class of 2023
President: Madison Buchys
Vice President/Secretary: Kara Hastings
Treasurer: Lauren DeAngelo
​Physician Assistant Class of 2022
President: Natalie Hoffman
Vice President: Lauren Bunnell
Secretary: Jessica Robinson
Treasurer: Kimberly Bemiller
​Physician Assistant Class of 2023
President: Kiera Wells
Vice President/Secretary: Jennifer Doorly
Treasurer: Emily Poff
​Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2022
President: Adva Zafrani
Vice President: Tory Wigand
Secretary: Shannon Kilpatrick
Treasurer: Brittany Paul
​Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2023
President: Rachel O'Brien
Vice President/Secretary: Brenna Phillips
Treasurer: Sultana Abdur-Raheem
Blindness and Low Vision Studies
Representative: Katelyn Maffei
Representative: Alex Kolesnikov

Student Council members in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs contribute to their fellow students by providing events such as, the Salus Scoop, a campus fair complete with food, fun and activities; the Salus Award Gala (S.A.G.), a grammy-style event to honor the accomplishments of the University community; and Salus Soiree, an upscale affair for students to socialize off-campus. Members also represent the University at various conventions and meetings in their fields. Lastly, on-going intramural games in a variety of sports that keep our students active.

Student Council has two committees that are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing these events: Athletics and Campus Activities Committees. Additionally, Student Council works with various departments in the University such as the admissions, alumni, and communications offices and serves on continuous and ad-hoc committees. The Student Council appoints students representatives to the following Joint Student/Faculty Committees of the University’s Faculty Organization:

  • University Strategic Planning Committee
  • Research & Learning Resources Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Education Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Judicial Committee 
To contact Student Council - email