The Student Council is at the forefront of all student activities and serves as the liaison between students and administration, faculty, alumni, and the community.

student council retreat
The Council advocates and promotes the welfare of students, organizes social activities and intramural sports, and promotes a professional attitude toward the University and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Osborne College of Audiology, and College of Health Sciences, Education & Rehabilitation. Student Council is comprised of the executive board, class officers who represent each respective program by year, registered student organizations, and two advisors, the Dean of Students and Associate Director of Student Engagement. 

Executive Board

President - Victoria Gouveia '22AUD
Victoria GouveiaMy name is Victoria, and I am currently a third-year Audiology student here at Salus. I started my career at Salus as the treasurer of my cohort and soon found myself sitting as the President of the Executive board. I am proud to be a leader on campus and work with such incredible people.

I received a Bachelor of Science degree from Bridgewater State University, where I majored in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Immediately upon graduation, I had plans to pursue a doctorate to join the medical field. I have a passion for science and helping others and truly feel as though becoming a doctor of Audiology will help me do that. I have the pleasure of working with a variety of students every day, and it is an honor to serve and lead the Salus community.

The Audiology program at Salus encourages me to grow as a student and a professional and allows me to develop skills. Within the first couple of weeks, we are provided clinical opportunities to practice and build our medical skills on real patients. Each of these experiences has been humbling and serves as a great reminder of the impact I will have on my patients as a soon-to-be leader in healthcare.
Vice President - Julie Jimenez, '23AUD
Julie JimenezHi all! My name is Julie Jimenez and I’m currently a second-year Audiology student here at Salus. I hail from the great state of Maryland, just 40 minutes out from D.C. (I am a Ravens fan though, let’s make that clear) and I received my Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology from Towson University in 2019. 

I chose to become an Audiologist because I’d like to help people communicate with their loved ones. I am the youngest child in a first-generation immigrant family and my grandmother was our sole caretaker when my siblings and I were younger. We had difficulties communicating with her because of her present hearing loss and it seemed to only get worse throughout the years and after she had returned to the Philippines. In honor of her, I’d like to help those who may be experiencing similar difficulties to what we also encountered.

After my interview with Salus, I grew so fond of the amazing academic and clinical experiences that are available to their students. I came from a somewhat larger school, so stepping foot onto a smaller campus was very refreshing to me. The small campus feel allows faculty to really develop a good relationship with their students and help them grow into the best professionals that they can be. 

As Vice President of the Executive Student Council, I am honored to plan and execute the larger-scale student events that are held on and off campus. I am very excited to see what our board has in store for you for the continuation of this year, and what we can do to make sure that you are welcomed, heard, and included within our community.
Secretary - Olivia Gorski, '21OT
Hi there! I'm Olivia Gorski, and I am a second-year occupational therapy student here at Salus University. I moved here to pursue my education from New Jersey, where I was born and raised and also attended undergrad at The College of New Jersey. I graduated in 2019 with a degree in health and exercised science and a minor in psychology. 
When I decided to pursue occupational therapy during my sophomore year of college, I had no idea how perfect a fit it would be for me, and I ultimately felt the same way about my decision to attend Salus! My love for my profession and university is what made me want to get involved in the student council here at Salus. I was eager to advocate for occupational therapy and all of my fellow students while continuing to make Salus the amazing university that it is. 
I have been absolutely loving my time here at Salus and am already sad that I'm in my second year, which means it’s almost time to graduate! After graduation, I am hoping to work in a hospital or skilled nursing facility setting. When I'm not at Salus (which isn't very often since I also do work-study on campus), I can usually be found hanging out with my friends, family, and pets, or relaxing/doing something outside. 
Treasurer - Joshlyn Jacob, '23AUD
Joshlyn JacobHi everyone! My name is Joshlyn Jacob, and I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida (let's go Bucs). I graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in Health Sciences. 
Salus caught my interest because of the hands-on experience and diversity on campus.  Everyone is incredibly welcoming and supportive of our journey. The Pennsylvania Ear Institute (PEI) being on campus has been vital in strengthening my skills and learning more about my field. 
I chose to be The Executive Treasurer to expand my leadership skills and to be active with the Salus community outside of our classroom. I've experienced so much & look forward to the next couple of years left at Salus.
SMOTBOT - Jimmy Brand, '22AUD
James BrandMy name is Jimmy Brand, and I am a third-year Audiology student. I received my bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences and co-curricular designation in diversity and inclusion from Western Michigan University in 2017(Go Broncos). I have the pleasure to be the Student member of the Board of Trustees, affectionately referred to at the SMOTBOT. I represent the student body on the board, as well as in committee, for a two-year term starting in January of 2020. Additionally, I serve as a Student Ambassador and on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. I have found Salus University and the greater Philadelphia area to be a welcoming second home. I am proud to be able to represent an institution of higher education that strives toward an inclusive culture and culture of clinical excellence. 
Parliamentarian - Taylor Fisher, '23AUD
Taylor FisherHello! My name is Taylor Fisher, and I am a second year in the Osborne College of Audiology here at Salus University. I am a born and raised Yooper, meaning I am from the mysterious Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Trust me; it is a thing. I got my Bachelor of Science in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences. I currently love the change of pace here on the east coast. When I am not busy studying 24/7, I love doing crafts that keep my hands busy, and I just recently started listening to podcasts!

I am so glad that Salus and the OCA found me worthy of continuing my education at this beautiful location. We may have a small campus, but we are a mighty bunch. I was able to step up into a leadership position this year to become the acting Parliamentarian, meaning I help plan student events and help keep the school's constitution in order. So, if you want to hold a future student event, you get to talk to me!
Executive Assistant - Carleigh Lemay, '23AUD
Hi everyone! My name is Carleigh Lemay, and I am currently a second-year Audiology student. I am from a small coastal town called Narragansett, Rhode Island. I received my bachelor's degree in Communicative Science and Disorders with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies at The University of Rhode Island.
 I chose Salus University because of the early clinical experience and the size of the campus. Within my first semester at Salus University, I was in the clinic observing. A few months later, I was working on patients getting hands-on experience. Being a part of a small university allows for interdisciplinary relationships. Not only do you get close to the students in your program, but you also get to know other students from different applications. The faculty at Salus truly cares about their student's overall well-being and making sure they are getting the help they need. We are one Salus!
Executive Assistant - Renee Kochinski, '23AUD
Renee KochinskiHey everyone! My name is Renee, and I am currently a first-year Audiology student. I am from East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Home of the Giants and the Jets for any football fans!) I graduated from The College of Saint Rose with a degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. During my undergraduate career, I was extremely involved with different clubs and offices on campus. I was a Tour Guide, an Orientation Leader, and on our Student Association. It only felt natural coming to Salus and running for Student Council. As one of the Executive Assistants for the Student Council, I value the connections I have been able to make with my peers from all programs at Salus University.

I knew that Salus University was where I belonged as soon as I stepped on campus! When I arrived, I instantly felt welcomed by the students, staff, and professors. I chose Salus University because of the location, bio-medical approach to education, and early clinic experience. As an Audiology student, clinical experience is invaluable. Having the Pennsylvania Ear Institute on campus allows students to gain clinical experience within the first semester.

When I'm not in class or studying, I love doing yoga, going on hikes, and hanging out with my friends!
Assistant Treasurer - Jemi Patel, '23OD
Jemi PatelMy name is Jemi Patel, and I am a second-year Optometry Student. I obtained my undergraduate degree at Temple University in Neuroscience and graduated in 2019. I had the pleasure of enjoying the history and culture within Philadelphia, and I decided to remain here to continue pursuing my degree in Optometry. Currently, I fill the role of Assistant Treasurer on the Executive Student Council at Salus University. I adore working with all the members of the Executive Student Council, and we strive to make the student experience here an incredibly positive and uplifting one. 
As a Salus University student, we understand the importance of being involved with students of not only your program but also other programs so we can support each other as a whole – whether that's within the healthcare field or as the next generation of leaders. I choose Salus every day.

Class Officers by Program

Audiology Class of 2020

President: Olivia Bologna
Vice President: Anthony Oliveti
Secretary: Deirdre Creegan
Treasurer: Alissa Gable

​Audiology Class of 2021
President: Amanda Shapiro
Vice President: Samantha McMahon
Secretary: Abigail Possinger
Treasurer: Anna Demko
​Audiology Class of 2022
President: Holly Forst
Vice President: Ashley Zemeski
Secretary: Samantha Depinto
Treasurer: Victoria Gouveia
​Audiology Class of 2023
President: Alexandra Howski
Vice President: Luke Obenrader
Secretary: Halle Roesser
Treasurer: Holly Kim
​Optometry Scholars
Class of 2021 President: Zachary Reynard
Class of 2022 President: Allison Raff
Secretary: Sarice Lui
Treasurer: Brooke Justis
​Optometry Class of 2020
President: Dominic Brown
Vice President: Tony Phillips
Secretary: Jordan Lamb
Treasurer: Mercedes Smith
​Optometry Class of 2021
President: Mohit Batra
Vice President: Veronica Gonzalez
Secretary: Karenjit Kaur (Karen)
Treasurer: Marissa Ferris
​Optometry Class of 2022
President: Michael Chermak
Vice President: Matthew Cellar
Secretary: Isabelle Daskas
Treasurer: Dung Dang (Jennifer)
​Optometry Class of 2023
President: Alyssa Pitre
Vice President: Callia Tweedell
Secretary: Pankti Patel
Treasurer: Lauren Yancey
​Occupational Therapy Class of 2020
President: Jenna Price
Vice President: Ashley Kinton
Secretary: Emily Mittelman
Treasurer: Madeleine Stucky
​Occupational Therapy Class of 2021
President: Camille Menns
Vice President: Gina Bischof
Secretary: Jaynie Black
Treasurer: Mary Zhu
​Physician Assistant Class of 2020
President: Nisha Orren
Vice President: Maria Nikolinos
Secretary: Brianna Rafferty
Treasurer: Rebecca Finkelman
​Physician Assistant Class of 2021
President: Kaitlyn Carmo
Vice President: Brittany Gasser
Secretary: Kailen Moyer
Treasurer: Brianna Allain
​Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2020
President: Samantha Hirthler
Vice President: Kara McCullough
Secretary: Jaclyn Kolano
Treasurer: Gabrielle Olshanskaya
​Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2021
President: Rebecca Ritsick
Vice President: Cameron Keller
Secretary: Jaclyn Tasker
Treasurer: Lauren Dubinsky
Blindness and Low Vision Studies
Representative: Bridget Brazil

Student Council members in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs contribute to their fellow students by providing events such as, the Salus Scoop, a campus fair complete with food, fun and activities; the Salus Award Gala (S.A.G.), a grammy-style event to honor the accomplishments of the University community; and Salus Soiree, an upscale affair for students to socialize off-campus. Members also represent the University at various conventions and meetings in their fields. Lastly, on-going intramural games in a variety of sports that keep our students active.

Student Council has two committees that are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing these events: Athletics and Campus Activities Committees. Additionally, Student Council works with various departments in the University such as the admissions, alumni, and communications offices and serves on continuous and ad-hoc committees. The Student Council appoints students representatives to the following Joint Student/Faculty Committees of the University’s Faculty Organization:

  • University Strategic Planning Committee
  • Research & Learning Resources Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Education Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Judicial Committee 
To contact Student Council - email