The Student Council is at the forefront of all student activities and serves as the liaison between students and administration, faculty, alumni, and the community.

The Council advocates and promotes the welfare of students, organizes social activities and intramural sports, and promotes a professional attitude toward the University and the professions of audiology, occupational therapy, optometry, and physician assistant. Student Council is comprised of executive officers, class officers who represent each respective program by year, registered student organizations, and two advisors, the Dean of Students and Associate Director of Student Engagement. 

Executive Officers
President - Victoria Gouveia '22AUD
Vice President - Julie Jimenez, '23AUD
Secretary - Olivia Gorski, '21OT
Treasurer - Joshlyn Jacob, '23AUD
SMOTBOT: Jimmy Brand, '22AUD
Parliamentarian: Taylor Fisher, '23AUD
Executive Assistant: Carleigh Lemay, '23AUD 
Executive Assistant: Renee Kochinski, '23AUD 
Assistant Treasurer: Jemi Patel, '23OD
Class Officers by Program

Audiology Class of 2019
President: Erikka Gatta
Vice President: Karen Maurins
Secretary: Taylor Buotte
Treasurer: Sarah Saieva 

Audiology Class of 2020
President: Olivia Bologna
Vice President: Anthony Oliveti
Secretary: Deirdre Creegan
Treasurer: Alissa Gable

Audiology Class of 2021
President: Amanda Shapiro
Vice President: Avneen Kooner
Secretary: Alexandra Homsany
Treasurer: Anna Demko
Optometry Scholars 
Class of 2020 President: Fiza Tariq
Class of 2021 President: Karamvir Sidhu

Optometry Class of 2019
President: Spencer Lin
Vice President: Alyssa Flanagan
Secretary: Lariesa Schwab
Treasurer: Kevin McClure

Optometry Class of 2020
President: Dominic Brown
Vice President: Tony Phillips
Secretary: Jordan Lamb
Treasurer: Mercedes Smith

Optometry Class of 2021
President: Mohit Batra
Vice President: Meron Fitta
Secretary: Amneh Kaddour
Treasurer: Farhana Jui

Optometry Class of 2022
President: Katie Vang
Vice President: Isabelle Daskas
Treasurer: Umar Mahmood

Occupational Therapy Class of 2019
President: Grace Peek
Vice President: Allison Wethey
Secretary: Alyssa Potosnak
Treasurer: Maureen Marron

Occupational Therapy Class of 2020
President: Emily Mittelman
Vice President: Jenna Price
Secretary: Madeleine Stucky
Treasurer: Ashley Kinton

Physician Assistant Class of 2019
President: Cortlin Dell
Vice President: Jessica Hyman 
Secretary: Rebecca Volpe
Treasurer: Logan Matthews

Physician Assistant Class of 2020
President: Nisha Orren
Vice President: Marcus Newson
Secretary: Brianna Rafferty
Treasurer: Rebecca Finkelman

Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2019
President: Rosalie Bikoti
Vice President: Samantha Morrone
Secretary: Rachel Plavnik
Treasurer: Kalsey Kertanich

Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2020
President: Samantha Hirthler
Vice President: Kara McCullough
Secretary: Jaclyn Kolano
Treasurer: Gabrielle Olshanskaya

Blindness and Low Vision Studies
Representative: Amy Castleberry

Student Council members in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs contribute to their fellow students by providing events such as, the Salus Scoop, a campus fair complete with food, fun and activities; the Salus Award Gala (S.A.G.), a grammy-style event to honor the accomplishments of the University community; and Salus Soiree, an upscale affair for students to socialize off-campus. Members also represent the University at various conventions and meetings in their fields. Lastly, on-going intramural games in a variety of sports that keep our students active.

Student Council has two committees that are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing these events: Athletics and Campus Activities Committees. Additionally, Student Council works with various departments in the University such as the admissions, alumni, and communications offices and serves on continuous and ad-hoc committees.  The Student Council  appoints students representatives to the following Joint Student/Faculty Committees of the University’s Faculty Organization:

  • University Strategic Planning Committee
  • Research & Learning Resources Committee
  • Admissions Committee
  • Education Policy and Curriculum Committee
  • Judicial Committee 
To contact Student Council - email