Elise B. Ciner, OD

Professor, Pennsylvania College of Optometry




  • BS, Cornell University
  • OD, the New England College of Optometry
  • Residency:  Suny – College of Optometry – Vision Training

Role at Salus University:

  • Pennsylvania College of Optometry,
    • Staff Optometrist Pediatric Clinic
    • Co-Director of the Special Populations Assessment and Rehabilitation Center
    • Primary Course and Lab Coordinator – Pediatric Optometry

Clinical Specialty:

  • Pediatric Optometry, Vision Screening, Vision Therapy, Children with Special Needs, Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion, Learning-related Vision Disorders

Research Activities:

  • National Institutes of Health – National Eye Institute (NIH-NEI) - Stereoacuity Development:  Assessment from birth - age 5. 1991-93.
  • National Institutes of Health – National Eye Institute (NIH-NEI) - Preschool Vision Screening Study Group: 1996 –97
  • NIH-NEI - Genetic Studies of Myopia (subcontractee of the University of Pennsylvania) 1999 - 2004
  • NIH-NEI – Principal Investigator at Salus University for Vision in Preschoolers Study: 2000 - 2007   
  • Manual of Procedures for the Vision Screening Program for Pennsylvania’s School-Age Population - 2002.  The Division of School Health, Pennsylvania Department of Health. Advisory Task Force Member on School Vision Screening.
  • NIH-NEI - Research Minority Supplement Grant to the Vision in Preschoolers Study. 
  • Commonwealth Universal Research Enhancement Grant – Pennsylvania State Department of Health:  2010-2014   Principal Investigator at Salus University for Study Entitled: Improving Vision
  • and Preventing Visual Impairment in African Americans– Vision Rehabilitation in African
  • Americans with Central Vision Impairment (VISRAC).
  • NIH-NEI -  Principal Investigator at Salus University and overall co-Principal Investigator for the Vision in Preschoolers – Hyperopia in Preschoolers Study:  2011-2015.

Professional Activities:

  • Fellow – American Academy of Optometry