Honorary Degrees - Doctor Science

Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law 1987 Recipient Honorable William H. Gray, IIIThe Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) was first approved by the Department of Education and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to award an honorary Doctor of Science (SCD), a Doctor of Laws (LLD), and a Doctor of Humane Letters (LHD.) in 1963.  PCO, and now Salus, was approved to provide the honorary degrees at commencement or special academic convocations to recognize unusual merit, creative leadership, or distinctive accomplishments in scholarship, arts and letters, individual professions or service to mankind of national or international significance. The first honorary Doctor of Science degree was presented to Dr. Julius F. Neumueller, professor emeritus, physical and geometrical optics, in 1963.
Achievements in the professions of health and sciences, clinical care, educational advancement, public health, research, government service, and the social concerns of our times are considered among the categories for nominations. To assure the highest standard of distinction and singularity and to establish the prestige and status of the honorary degree, the University exercises great discretion in the number of honorary degrees and awards during the course of any one academic year. Nominations for the honorary degree are forwarded to the institution’s Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee of the Board of Trustees and presented to the full board for its approval.
Tomorrow, during the 2018 Fall Commencement, Dr. Janice E. Scharre, FAAO, immediate past provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, will receive her Honorary Doctor of Science Degree as she joins the list below of distinguished recipients of this prestigious honor:
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science
              1963  *Dr. Julius F. Neumueller, Emeritus Professor of Physical and Geometrical Optics,                            Pennsylvania College of Optometry
              1964  Arlin M. Adams, Esq., Former Secretary of Welfare, Commonwealth of                                               Pennsylvania
              1965  *Dr. William W. Hagerty, President, Drexel Institute
              1966  *Honorable Harrison A. Williams, U. S. Senator, New Jersey
              1967  *Honorable Marvin V. Keller, Member, Pennsylvania Senate
                        *Dr. Onofrey G. Rybachok, Professor of Anatomy
              1968  *Honorable Alfred E. Driscoll, Former Governor of New Jersey
              1969  *Dr. Edward J. Fisher, Director, Waterloo University
                        *Dr. Glenn A. Fry, Regents Professor, The Ohio State University
                        *Dr. Carel C. Koch, Secretary, American Academy of Optometry
                        *Dr. H. Ward Ewalt, Jr., Past President, American Optometric Association (AOA)
                        *Dr. Henry W. Hofstetter, Past President, AOA
                        *Dr. Harold Kohn, Counsel Emeritus, AOA
                        *Dr. David H. Kurtzman, Former Commissioner of Education,
                          Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
              1970  *Dr. William Greenspon, Past President, International Association,
                          Board of Examiners
              1971  *Dr. John C. Neill, Emeritus Professor of Contact Lens Practice
                        *Dr. Jacob Nevyas, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry
              1972  *Dr. Harold Simmerman, Emeritus Professor of Ocular Biology, Pennsylvania                                    College of Optometry (PCO)
              1973  Dr. Alden Norman Haffner, Dean, State Univ. of New York College of Optometry
              1974  Dr. Quentin R. Orlando, Member, Pennsylvania Senate
                        *Dr. Kenneth Milo Endicott, Department of Health, Education and Welfare 
              1975   Dr. Irvin M. Borish, Professor of Optometry, Indiana University
              1976  *Dr. Meredith Walter Morgan, Dean, School of Optometry,
                           University of California at Berkeley
                        *Dr. John McAllister, Sr., Posthumous Optometric Pioneer
              1977  Dr. Leonard Bachman, Secretary of Health, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
              1978  Dr. Lorrin Andrews Riggs, Emeritus Professor, Brown University
              1980  Dr. Alan M. Laties, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
              1981  *Dr. Israel Dvorine, Inventor
              1982  *Dr. Luis W. Alvarez, Emeritus Professor, University of California
              1983  Dr. Harris Ripps, Professor, NY University Medical Center
              1984  Dr. Adolph Irvin Cohen, Professor, Washington Univ. School of Medicine
              1987  Dr. Irving Bennett  '44, President, Advisory Enterprises, Inc.
              1990  Dr. Norman E. Wallis, Past President of PCO, Executive Director,
                         National Board of Examiners in Optometry
              1993  Dr. Donald R. Korb, Private Practitioner
              1994  *Dr. William W. Policoff, Posthumous, Optometric Pioneer
              1995  Prof. Dr. Guiseppe Grimaldi, President, International Lions Club
              1997  Dr. Carl Kupfer, Director, National Eye Institute
              1999  Dr. Brien Holden, Director, Cooperative Research Center for
                         Eye Research & Technology, University of New South Wales
                        *Dr. John Perry, Jr., '24, Emeritus Member, Board of Trustees
              2001  Dr. Anthony Adams, Dean, University of California at Berkeley, School of     
              2002  Dr. Gerald Chader, Chief Scientific Officer, The Foundation Fighting                                                   Blindness           
              2003  Dr. William Baldwin, Former President, River Blindness Foundation
              2004 Dr. Stanley J. Yamane, Former Vice President Prof. Affairs, Vistakon
              2005  Dr. Serge Resnikoff, Coordinator, World Health Organization
              2006 Dr. Wolfgang Cagnolati, Duisburg, Germany
              2007  Mr. Raymond Kurzweil, President, Kurzweil Technologies, Inc.
              2008 Dr. Lucille Beck, Audiologist
                        Dr. Jerald Strickland, Assistant Vice Chancellor for International Studies,
                        University of Houston
             2009  Dr. Judith Gravel* (posthumously), Audiologist,   
             2010   Dr. John Amos, Professor of Optometry, School of Optometry, University of
                         Dr. Fred Bess, Professor and Director, Nat’l Ctr. For Childhood Deafness and
                         Family Community
              2011   Dr. Michael Boulton, Professor in Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of
             2012   Mr. Douglas Anderson, Founder, Optos PLC
             2015   Dr. Harvey Rubin, Director, Institution  For Strategic Threat Analysis and                                           Response, University of Pennsylvania
             2017   Dr. David Nash, Founding Dean, Jefferson College of Population Health
                         Dr. Rachel Levine, Physician General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
             2018   Dr. Lorraine Lombardi, Emeritus Professor, Salus University
                         Dr. Janice Scharre, MA, FAAO, Emeritus Professor, Provost, Salus University
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws
              1974              Honorable Samuel M. Lehrer, Judge, Philadelphia Municipal Court
              1975  *          Honorable Daniel J. Flood, Member, U.S. House of Representatives
              1976  *          Honorable Nochem S. Winnet, Trustee Emeritus
              1977  *          Mr. J. Harold Bailey, Executive Director, AOA
              1978              Honorable Donald J. Mitchell, Member, U.S. House of Representatives
              1979              Mr. James Alfred Lee, President of the World Bank
              1980  *          Dr. William Feinbloom, Pioneer, Low Vision
              1982             Dr. Robert C. Wilburn, Office of Budget & Administration, Commonwealth                                        of  Pennsylvania
              1983              Ellis Lyons, Esq. General Counsel, AOA
              1984              Mr. Leonard Abramson, President, U.S. Health Care Systems, Inc.
              1985              Mr. David Brenner, Entertainer
              1986              Honorable John Stauffer, Member, Pennsylvania Senate
              1987              Honorable William H. Gray, III, Member, U.S. House of Representatives
              1988  *          Ms. Maggie Kuhn, Founder, The Gray Panthers
                                    Dr. Martin Hafter  '49, Member, Board of Trustees
              1989              Sister M. L. Antoun, Past President Villa Maria College,                                                                           Kenneth B. Lee, Esq., Member, Board of Trustees
              1991              Dr. Constance E. Clayton, Superintendent of Schools, Philadelphia
                                    Mr. Thomas E. Eichhorst, Council; American Optometric Association
              1994              Mr. John M. Torok, Partner, The Torok Group
              1999              Dr. John Robinson, '54, Executive Director, NC Board of Examiners in                                               Optometry
             2007               The Honorable James Ryun, Congressman
Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters
            1992                Mr. Nelson G. Harris, President, Tastykake Baking Company
            1993                Mr. Bernard W. Walsh, President, Vistakon, Inc.
            1994                Dr. G. Burtt Holmes, Private Practitioner, Retired
            1996                Mr. Gérand Cottet, Chairman & CEO, Essilor International
            1997    *          Dr. John D. Perry, Jr. ‘28, Private Practitioner, Retired
            1997                Mr. Jack Weightman, Vice President/General Manager, Alcon Vision Care
            1998                Dr. Melvin Wolfberg ‘51, Past President of PCO       
            2000              Dr. Harvey Hanlen, 74, Private Practitioner & President AOA
            2005               Mr. Clement Kusiak, President, Lions Club International
            2008               Dr. Akio Kanai, President, All Japan Optometric and Optical Association
            2009               Rear Admiral Michael Mittelman, Berk, Virginia
            2010               Mr. Lawrence Campbell, President, International Council for Education of                                        People with Visual Impairment
                                    Dr.  Kenneth Moritsugu, Rear Admiral, U.S. Public Health Service (Retired)