This short film, recorded in 1938, tells the story of William G. Walton, Jr. OD ’40 telling his father, William G. Walton Sr., OD about his desire to follow in his footsteps and become an optometrist. Watch as he tours the Old Main campus of the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry (PSCO, later shortened to Pennsylvania College of Optometry), visits with PSCO founder, Dr. Albert Fitch and later opens his own practice.

Dr. William G. Walton Sr. was one of the pioneering optometrists in Pennsylvania who, along with others, worked diligently for the passage of the first optometric laws within the state in 1917.  He served as President of the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA) and the Pennsylvania College of Optometrists. Dr. Walton was a charter member of the College Board of Trustees and remained on the board for many years, serving as Secretary from 1946 until his death in 1956.  He was well known for his invention of numerous devices used in the examination process.

His son, William G. Walton, Jr., OD ’40 served on the faculty for a short period of time in 1941 and 1942, returning in 1945. In 1983, Dr. Walton was named Professor Emeritus. Throughout his career, he held many College positions including the Director of Clinics, Director of Institutional Affairs, and Executive Assistant to Presidents Norman Wallis and Melvin Wolfberg, OD ‘51.  In 1965, Dr. Walton established the College’s first Extern Program.  He served as Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association from 1964 to 1984.

In 1984, Dr. Walton was presented with an Award of Merit by the Alumni Association and upon his retirement in 1985, a scholarship was established in his honor.

Both father and son were awarded 75th Presidential Medals of Honor.