#SalusSoulmates: Time for Love

Heads down and noses in books is a common sight around campus and many students will tell you they don’t have time for anything but studying. However, the below couples were able to carve out time for love. Today we are celebrating #SalusSoulmates: love stories across campus.

Sona and Minu
Sona Kalra, OD '09 and Minu Shah, OD '10  
Sona met Minu during her Orientation Week in 2006 and they continued to run into each other on campus since they had mutual friends. Minu attended Optics tutoring sessions where Sona helped teach, and where they got to know each other better. They soon learned that they both shared an interest in basketball and traveling. They were married in 2010 and now live and practice together in Virginia. They are also blessed with their two fur-baby rescues, Joey & Phoebe!

Brian D’Allura ‘19OD and Stephanie Reitter ‘20OD
“Brian and I met in the old Clinical Skills lab,” Stephanie said. “He sat as my patient for a practical and when I passed I remember thinking of him as my good luck charm. Now we're talking about where we want to settle down to practice optometry and start a family. I'm so grateful that Salus brought us together! Included above is a photo of us at his Eyeball." 
Annette and Joseph

Annette D. Zamboni-Werner, OD '89 and F. Joseph Werner, OD '88 
“We met at PCO in the late eighties, and had many good times at ‘M. Banz Manor’. We were married in 1990 and will celebrate 29 years of marriage this June. We have four children, Alex, Andy, Adam and Anita. The two oldest are current students at Salus. We are huge EAGLES fans!”
Matt and Taylor

Matt Griffith ‘22OD and Taylor Rupert ‘22OD 
“We didn’t meet at Salus but we started dating in high school, she graduated a year ahead of me so I went through undergrad in three years to catch up to her,” Matt said. “We attended Salus' Optometry Learning Experience (OLE) in 2016 together, took the Optometry Admission Test (OAT) together, and got accepted into the Salus Optometry Traditional Program on the same night. Now we’re both first year optometry students at Salus and loving it.”
Ron and Tracy
Tracy Young, OD ’97 and Ron Young, OD ’97 
“We met during the first week of our first year in 1993. We were married after graduation in 1997.  Twenty one years later we are continuing our love story in Pennsylvania with our two boys.”
Joanne and Ralph

Joanne Adolfo, OD ‘10 and Ralph Currie, OD ‘11  
“We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in 2008 and started dating in 2009. Salus definitely brought us together. I moved from California to Pittsburgh, where we currently practice and live with our two wonderful boys, Adrian and Kadin.The first picture above is from our first Eyeball together in 2009. Other photos are from this year." #10YearChallenge 
Erik and Jennifer

Erik Ness, MMS ‘09 and Jennifer Benfield Ness, MMS ’09 
“My husband, Erik, and I met in the inaugural Physician Assistant Studies class in 2007. “We joke that we never really dated- just studied! Out of the 20 people in our class, two couples ended up married. We were married on the beach in 2011 and have two little boys.”

Dr. R

Dr. Joseph P. Ruskiewicz, associate professor, Pennsylvania College of Optometry and his wife, Rebecca
“My future wife Rebecca was a patient at The Eye Institute (TEI) having contact lens problems associated with putting in long hours as an accountant,” Dr. Ruskiewicz said. “I found her to be pleasant and enjoyed working with her. It would have been improper for me to ask her on a date. At one visit, I asked if she was going to get her Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She said she didn't know if she wanted to go that route. I mentioned that my friend Captain John Tritsch (USMC, Retired) had a CPA and MBA from Wharton. His bachelors was from Princeton where he was an alumni counselor. Recent graduates that wanted to work in Philadelphia as an accountant could contact John for advice. I suggested that we could get together with John for dinner and she could ask him about the pros and cons of getting the CPA. The rest is history.” 
Rick and Patricia
Rick Adams, OD ‘85 and Patricia Stanford-Adams, OD ‘85 
“Pat and I met the second semester of our first year. Our first real date was to a PCO party in February 1982. We got engaged at the end of third year and got married a month after graduation in June 1985. We moved to North Carolina and have been practicing together for the last 33 years.”
Bill and Rita
Bill Orren, OD ‘87 and Rita Verma Orren, OD ‘87
“After starting to date on Halloween of our first year at PCO and dating for seven years we have now been married for 29 years with two children, a son in law school and a daughter attending the PA Program at Salus. Looking forward to the next 29. Thanks PCO/SALUS.” 

Tie Crisi ‘19OD and Jacky Ock ‘19OD 
“We met three years ago during intramural volleyball. I remember thinking what a ball-hog but dang he has nice arms. We stayed friends over the next few months and began dating March 2017. I've loved going through this optometry adventure together and have made my favorite memories over the past two years with him. I couldn't be happier that our paths crossed when they did. <3”

Karin and Jeffrey 
Karin, OD ‘87 and Jeffrey Underkoffler, OD ‘87
“We met during our second year at PCO,” said Karin. “I sat in front of lectures as a scribe and he always sat in the back. We never met until we both attended an off-campus party. Six months later, we were engaged during dinner at Moshulu. We had a lot of fun dates to the Philadelphia Zoo, The Art Museum, Boathouse Row, and many, many more. We got married during our third year rotation and we’ve been together ever since. Pictures above include one from our many adventure dates and the second is from our 30th wedding anniversary with our children and their significant others.”

Kyle and Alyssa
Alyssa Flanagan ‘19OD and Kyle Keyser ‘19OD
“We met in optometry school and are both graduating May of this year!”

Ashlin and Ben
Ben Steger, OD ’14 and Ashlin (Mikolich) Steger, OD ‘14
“We met our first year in the fourth floor hallway. I was ridiculously early for class, waiting outside when Ben walked out early from his and struck up a conversation. Four years later, we moved to North Carolina together. We now own two practices together in Asheville and have been married for 3.5 years! Photos above include our graduation, Ben meeting Ashlin in Alaska after surviving 1.5 years of long distance during externships and our wedding day." 

Thank you for sharing all of the love!