The Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) Centennial Gala on April 27, 2019 marked the official kickoff of Focus on Our Future: The Centennial Campaign.

At the Pennsylvania College of Optometry’s founding a century ago, Dr. Albert Fitch believed we could be a leading institution of biomedical education and clinical care.
A decade ago, we adopted the name “Salus” because we believed we could lead a movement toward better health and wellness across our community.
As we celebrate our 100th anniversary of the University’s founding College, the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, we believe that our work has only just begun. With the necessary resources, we can build on our strong momentum and continue to provide financial aid to students who need it most; to enhance the experience students and faculty have on campus; and to expand outreach initiatives that improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities we serve.
When you support Focus on Our Future: The Centennial Campaign for Salus University, you declare your belief in the promise of the University and in our potential to improve the health of every citizen. With your help, we can train providers who will alleviate suffering, increase vitality, and resolve today’s healthcare challenges - as well as tomorrow’s. We can advance care, enabling people to live fully and make the most of their lives.
“With this campaign, we’re committed to raising $5 million dollars – to date [April 27, 2019], we have raised more than $3 million, so we still have a lot of work to do to ensure the impact PCO and Salus has on our students, our region, and our world is even more powerful in the next 100 years,” said Michael H. Mittelman, OD ’80, MPH, FAAO, FACHE, president of Salus University.
It is on behalf of all who will benefit from your support, we invite you to give today.
04032018_Sal-TEI_063.JPGWith this campaign, we are committed to raising critical private support to ensure that the impact PCO and Salus has on our students, our region, and our world is even more powerful in the next 100 years. The future is larger than the University.
A gift to the Centennial Campaign is an investment in the future of our region and of our world. Together, we can effect change, advance care, and put health and wellness within reach for everyone whose lives we touch.
Our accomplishments over the past century are many, but there is so much potential that we haven’t yet tapped. Focus on Our Future: The Centennial Campaign seeks to raise $5 million in funding to:
  • Enhance our endowment, increasing support for student scholarships, key faculty and administrative roles
  • Improve educational facilities across campus, guaranteeing our students a cutting-edge learning environment
  • Bolster our community service programs, giving individuals and families with limited resources access to high-quality care and support 
Financial need is a barrier for many of the most promising students who seek an education in the health sciences.
You Have The Power to Shape A Salus Student’s Future
By establishing a new endowed scholarship fund - or by adding to an existing endowment - you make an investment that benefits not only the future leaders who are being educated at PCO and Salus, but also the countless individuals and families they will treat, counsel, and serve over the course of their careers.
Endowment Funds
Endowment funds also support the efforts of our outstanding faculty, advancing their work as teachers, scholars, researchers, and clinicians. Our excellence rests on our ability to attract and retain the finest faculty members and academic leaders - and when you create an endowed deanship, chair, or professorship, you help us do just that.
Endowment gifts are invested by Salus. A portion of the resulting income is spent each year for the designated purpose. Donors may choose to name an endowed scholarship, deanship, chair, or professorship for themselves or in honor or memory of someone else.
As we seek to improve our endowments and facilities and enhance our impact on the broader community, we must always ensure the fulfillment of the institution’s core mission.
Unrestricted Donations
04032018_Sal-TEI_040.JPGUnrestricted donations allow us to build on our foundation - the foundation that drives the school’s mission to impact and influence the future of healthcare delivery, education, and professional practice.
These investments in our core mission are more than simple, practical contributions. They also reflect donors’ confidence in the validity of our goals and in our ability to move forward with efficiency and expertise.
When you make an unrestricted gift, we apply it directly to where the need is greatest, doing so with the utmost care. We profoundly appreciate the trust that donors express by contributing unrestricted funding. The resulting combination of moral and financial support touches the PCO and Salus community in broader and deeper ways than numbers on a page could ever show.
As part of the Focus on Our Future campaign, unrestricted gifts will be considered campaign gifts and will be recognized as such.
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