CER Students on Campus

As part of their curriculum, students from the College of Education and Rehabilitation’s Blindness and Low Vision Studies programs have a summer residency of classes and training from two to twelve weeks, depending on program’s requirements. 

CER Students On CampusThis year’s group of students, who arrived on campus the week of June 8, will spend their time learning how to travel without vision in an indoor setting before they move onto more complex outdoor environments.

According to Dr. Fabiana Perla, director of the Orientation and Mobility program, “This means you may see small groups of students with their instructors walking around under blindfold and using long canes in hallways, stairways, and elevators.” She noted that “We will do our best to not disrupt any classes that may be going on” but asked that the rest of the Salus community “please keep in mind these environments are "their (CER students) classroom" as they need to develop skills in safe and independent travel as part of their program requirements.