Dr. Brooke Kruemmling Named Assistant ProvostDr. Janice E. Scharre, Salus University provost, has named Brooke Kruemmling, PhD to the position of assistant provost. Dr. Kruemmling, who was Dr. Brooke Smith prior to her recent marriage, is an associate professor in the University's College of Education and Rehabilitation. She will continue to teach part-time and remain director of the National Leadership Consortium in Sensory Disabilities, a multi-year grant project to support doctoral leadership programs in the fields of sensory disabilities.

Dr. Kruemmling had been assisting the Office of the Provost over the last year in the areas of assessment, academic policy and faculty affairs, according to Dr. Scharre. “She has been a strong faculty advocate in her previous role as FOSU (Faculty of Salus University) president, which I value in Academic Affairs,” Dr. Scharre noted in her announcement.  Dr. Kruemmling will be assisting the Office of the Provost in the areas of assessment, accreditation (specifically, the Middle States Periodic Review Process), and faculty development (with Dr. Lombardi).

Previously, the Office of the Provost had an assistant vice president position. The assistant provost will fulfill many of the same functions of the vice president position previously held by dean of Student Affairs, Dr. James Caldwell. FOSU Chair, Dr. Linda Casser, will work with the faculty organization to determine a new faculty representative on the University’s Board of Trustees to replace Dr. Kruemmling.