Dr. Elizabeth Sedunov is a board certified audiologist at the Pennsylvania Ear Institute and an assistant professor in the University's Osborne College of Audiology. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Hearing Science and her Doctor of Audiology degree from The Ohio State University. Her clinical interests include diagnostic hearing evaluation, hearing instrument fitting and verification and aural rehabilitation. 

Elizabeth SedunovHer personal connection to loved ones with hearing loss ultimately generated her interest in the audiology field.

“I became more aware of my family and friends who has untreated hearing loss — my father specifically,” said Dr. Sedunov. “Once I started graduate school, he was fit with hearing aids and now he’s doing really well.”

Dr. Sedunov says the opportunity to see advancements in hearing technology over the years is one aspect of her job that she finds most interesting.

Elizabeth Sedunov“I enjoy being able to introduce my patients to new technology,” she said. “When I started graduate school the technology they had then wasn’t nearly as amazing as the technology now — especially in terms of the features that are available.”

When Dr. Sedunov is not seeing patients or teaching students, she enjoys having brunch with friends, spending time outdoors in beautiful weather and completing do-it-yourself projects.

“My father is very good at DIY projects — I’m more of his assistant. Together we’ve fixed several rooms, renovated a bathroom and built a patio,” she said.

Dr. Sedunov also enjoys spending time with her family and her dog.