Innovation in Education Research Continues

Dr. Wang with American Optometric Foundation President David Kirschen, OD, PhD, FAAOAssistant professor Jingyun Wang, PhD, is Salus University's first-ever Innovation in Education Grant recipient. Awarded to Dr. Wang in 2016 from the American Optometric Foundation (AOF) in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, the grant is designed to aid recently appointed faculty in advancing their teaching skills in improving the delivery of information to students, new methodologies, increasing the use of new technology in all teaching settings, and the promotion of online learning tools.

“With a passion for education, I am always interested in novel methods to improve the effectiveness of education,” said Dr. Wang about the grant. Her research started in January and is currently ongoing.

Dr. Wang, along with her co-PI, Linda Casser, OD, FAAO, collaborated to design their program, “Can Prompt Feedback Provided to Students using ‘Poll Everywhere’ Improve the Effectiveness of Optometric Education?” The goal of this project is to study the effectiveness of Poll Everywhere, an audience response system, in optometric education. “Dr. Casser’s enriched experience on education contributes to this grant significantly,” said Dr. Wang.

With the support of Gale Orlansky, OD, MEd, and Lynn Greenspan, OD—of which the study is being conducted in their ocular motility lab—the $6,000 grant consists of a full month-long data collection, which will take place during lab sessions and consist of a control group and a randomized Poll Everywhere group.  Analysis will begin after the month-long data collection, and as Dr. Wang further explained, will also include related questions in students’ finals as well as a survey.