Alexis Long HeadshotAs a first year Communications major with a Political Science minor at Temple University, Alexis Long ‘23OT found herself unsure of her next steps. “I decided to take a year off during my undergraduate studies because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” said Long. “I ended up joining a volunteer group where I traveled across the United States putting on variety shows at Veterans’ homes and hospitals.”

This was Long’s first introduction to the healthcare profession and she knew immediately it was the career path she wanted to pursue. “This experience was so eye-opening because I was able to see the impact that I was having," she said. “I decided I wanted to return to school and pursue a career in a healthcare related field.”

Long finished her undergraduate education with a degree in Recreational Therapy and through the advice of a family friend, decided to pursue a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy (OT). “I like having the ability to help people and make an impact over many different occupations,” said Long on why she chose OT. “The field really keeps your mind and yourself active, which is why I enjoy it."

Through her work within her hometown community and an innate desire to help those around her, Long was able to not only find her desired career, but was also awarded two community based scholarships. 

By working with her hometown church's “Friendship Meals” program, she helps to make and provide meals for the local community. “Participating in the Friendship Meals program is something that I involve myself in during my breaks from school,” she said. “I heard about the church’s scholarship while working for this program and decided to apply.” 

Alexis helping patient pour milk into a bowlThe second scholarship she was awarded was the Leon Abbott scholarship, which her grandfather found through an organization in which he is involved. “The scholarships have helped contribute to the costs of books and tuition and have been a huge help for me and my family,” said Long.

Upon graduating from Salus in 2023, Long hopes to pursue a career in pediatric care, but just like her undergraduate career, she is open to any and all opportunities. With the unexpected twists and turns in her academic journey, she is eager to see where her Occupational Therapy career takes her.