The Salus PCO Quiz Bowl competition was held on April 29 at the Hafter Student Community Center before a crowd of 150. The annual Salus PCO event, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Optometric Association (POA) and the Salus PCO chapter of the American Optometric Student Association (AOSA), was a great success.

PCO Quiz Bowl ChampionOptometry students competed to answer questions carefully crafted by the judges – optometrists and Salus PCO faculty. The winner was Leslie Gauntlett ’18OD, who will represent Salus PCO at the 2017 Varilux Student Bowl during Optometry's Meeting, the annual American Optometric Association (AOA) conference, to be held in Washington, DC. This year Ms. Gauntlett will attend Optometry’s Meeting and the 2016 Student Bowl event in Boston, giving her the opportunity to experience the event without the pressures of participation. This plan has proven successful and has garnered two national titles over the past five years: Ian McWherter, OD’12, who won in 2011, and Nicole Rist ’16OD, who won last year.

In an email to the Office of Communications, AOSA members expressed their thanks to this year’s judges, Dr. Lori Grover, Dr. Melissa Trego, Dr. Steve Eiss and Dr. Shana Zeitlin, and “question masters,” Dr. Alissa Coyne and Dr. Michelle Britchkow for their participation. The AOSA also thanked Rosani Bhavsar ’18OD and Allison Guindon ’19OD, for their incredible efforts at organizing the event and continued, “We would also like to thank the POA for their tremendous contributions to the event, along with POSA and the Private Practice Club at PCO for their assistance… We all worked very hard and are proud of the result.”