Q&A: Audiology Online Bridge Program Graduate

Salus University Audiology: Teresa Konieczny Burns, AuD ’15Meet Teresa Konieczny Burns, AuD ’15, MA. While living in New Zealand, Dr. Burns completed the Salus University Doctor of Audiology Online Bridge Program. Redefining higher education, the program provides audiologists with the educational support they desire and the convenience they need. The Doctor of Audiology Online Bridge Program is a distance education, international degree program that offers online education for working audiologists with a master’s degree or medical degree in audiology.
Originally from Shelton, Conn., Dr. Burns explains, “I wound up in New Zealand because I saw an ad for a job in late 1999. I thought ‘that would be fun for a year or two’ and 17 years later I am still here! I guess you never know where life is going to take you.” Prior to obtaining her Salus degree, Dr. Burns received both her bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders in 1993 and master’s in Audiology in 1995 from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Currently, she is one of the directors and owners of A1 Hearing in Auckland, New Zealand.
Why did you decide to go into the field of audiology?
I decided to go into the field because it offered good employment opportunities and an interesting combination of people and technology, both of which I love. It’s been a great career offering a chance to make a difference in people’s lives, a nice work/life balance and a chance to travel and see the world.
Why did you choose the Salus University Doctor of Audiology Online Bridge Program?
I chose the Salus AuD program because, living in New Zealand, it seemed to be the best set up for international students. I had also heard it was the best. With time changes and working hours it seemed to be “easier” to log on for video lectures rather than having to log in at a certain time for live streaming lectures. When I started the program I was working as a business manager for a hearing aid company so I was traveling a lot. The Salus program was really manageable with a full time job and a family.
How was your experience with the program?

I finished the program in February 2015. It was fantastic—challenging but manageable and I learned heaps. It has also reignited a passion for Audiology and given me a much deeper knowledge when working with patients.
How does the bridge program complement your current career?
In my current role I work mostly with adults and rehabilitation; however, I regularly see patients struggling with tinnitus, dizziness issues, and other medical conditions. I regularly call on learning to talk to them about their experiences and make recommendations and referrals.
What is your message for potential applicants?
I would encourage anyone who is interested to go for it. I sometimes think “how did I manage to fit that in?” but the truth is you don’t know what you can accomplish until you try. Sure, there were some nights I would rather have watched TV and gone to bed early but instead I had two to three hours of lectures and assignments to complete. But it was interesting work and if you make it a priority I think it is pretty manageable.

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