Too busy to keep up with current events at Salus University? Think again. Here’s the TLDR (too long; didn’t read) of some of the stories you may have missed from July. “Sal’s Shorts” provides clips of the University’s latest news and happenings.

Sal shown in pajamas and slippers holding a coffee mug and a newspaperPCO Dean Takes the Lead
You can now add one more PCO/Salus name to the list of ASCO Presidents. Melissa E. Trego, OD ‘04, Resident ‘09, PhD, dean of PCO/Salus, assumed the duties of the ASCO president at the organization’s annual meeting in June 2022 at the American Optometric Association (AOA) conference in Chicago. Read more here

Sarcoma Awareness Month: Adapt and Overcome
Jeffrey Quelet was a standout athlete who excelled in baseball, soccer, swimming and running. As a kid, he was always playing sports with friends and led an active lifestyle. After being diagnosed with sarcoma, Jeff, and his parents, had to make a series of difficult decisions that would ultimately leave him in a hospital bath tub saying a heartfelt goodbye to his right leg at only 10-years-old. Read more about his story here.

Managing Collegiate Finances: Applying for Scholarships
Sallie Mae’s How Americans Pay for College 2021 study found that 44% of surveyed families did not use scholarships to help with undergraduate tuition costs. Of the 44%, only 6% said they didn’t need additional funds. “I think it is so important that students take advantage of scholarship opportunities”, said Jaime Schulang, director of Student Financial Affairs. Read more here.

Prospective Students Impressed by Optometry Learning Experience
Created in 1979 by John J. Crozier, OD ‘48, then director of Admissions, OLE student groups have visited the campuses of PCO/Salus for almost four decades in order to gain insight into the academic life of an optometry student. Rachael Snodgrass, assistant director of the Office of Admissions at Salus, said this was the largest group ever to attend the summer OLE program. Read more here.

Practicing Wellness as a Graduate Student pt.2: Managing Imposter Syndrome
According to published articles and sources collected by the Center for Personal and Professional Development (CPPD), Imposter Syndrome is a pattern of thinking or psychological experience in which persistent feelings of self-doubt, negative self-talk, constant fear of failing and of being perceived as a fraud exist. Read more about imposter syndrome and how to manage it here.