Salus University recently entered into a new articulation agreement with Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) to attract students interested in its College of Health Sciences, Education and Rehabilitation's (CHER) Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) program. 
This will be the first articulation agreement for the SLP program between Salus and SJU. Salus has more than 40 articulation agreements in programs including Audiology, Blindness and Low Vision, Occupational Therapy, and Optometry. Three seats will be reserved by Salus for qualified SJU students, with room for additional students if applicable. 
SLP student reading to young patientAn articulation agreement is a formal document that joins two or more academic institutions, which allows a student to be guaranteed an interview and seat into graduate or professional school. This guarantee is assuming the student meets all necessary requirements set forth in the agreement. 
Under this articulation agreement, students who successfully complete the 120 semester credit Pre-SLP curriculum at SJU with a 3.5 GPA or above may apply for admission to Salus University’s SLP Master of Science program. This new agreement is the 4+2 (four years of undergraduate plus two years Master of Science) SLP program, comprised of two phases, Phase I and Phase II: 
  • Phase I entails that a student earns a Bachelor of Arts degree at SJU which includes Pre-SLP curriculum offered through the Linguistics SLP major concentration
  • Phase II entails the Master of Speech-Language Pathology Degree Program at Salus 
To successfully complete Phase I of the program, a student must: 
  • Complete the Pre-SLP curriculum at SJU, which must consist of a minimum of 120 semester hours of undergraduate education including the required prerequisites. All Salus prerequisites must be completed with a grade of ‘B-’ or better. Advanced Placement (AP) courses are accepted only if college credit is awarded by SJU and appears on the official undergraduate transcript. 
  • Transfer students are eligible for this program. The majority of the required courses must be taken at SJU. 
  • International Students are eligible for this program, pending official documentation to study in the United States. Official foreign credential evaluation and English language proficiency exam may be required. 
  • Attain a GPA of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale. 
  • Submit a completed application to the Communication Science Disorders Central Application Service (CSDCAS) and require three letters of evaluation along with any additional admissions requirements as described on the SLP Program Application Process page on the Salus University website. 
  • Obtain a minimum of 25 hours of directed clinical observation of a certified speech-language pathologist (CCC-SLP). A blend of live, in-person as well as recorded observation is accepted. A minimum of two (2) different SLP settings are highly recommended (may be volunteer and/or employment). 
  • Successful completion of an interview by the Salus SLP Department faculty and Office of Admissions. 
Admissions requirements are subject to change. Any changes will be updated on the Salus University website prior to the start of each application cycle. 
Admission to Phase II of the program: 
For consideration for admission into the SLP Program at Salus, a student must successfully complete Phase I as described above. Salus will reserve three seats in each class of the SLP Program for SJU students who have successfully completed Phase I of the Program and the Phase II application process. If there are more than three such qualified students, the remaining SJU students will be considered for admission along with all other applicants. 

"I'm very happy that this new 4+2 opportunity is available for our students. Salus University's MS degree program in Speech-Language Pathology is a great fit for SJU's students who want to stay in the Philadelphia area to pursue their career goals and study at a graduate institution where they will receive high-quality graduate level coursework and individualized faculty attention," said Jennifer Ewald, director of the Linguistics Program at SJU. "Salus faculty have been extremely helpful throughout the development of this new partnership.  Their Speech-Language Institute is a state-of-the-art facility that provides excellent training for their graduate students who are future practitioners in this important field.  We're excited for this new connection."