The Boards of Trustees at Salus University and University of the Sciences in Philadelphia have agreed to discussions to consider forming a broad strategic partnership that could lead to a merger of our two long-standing educational healthcare institutions. No time table has been set for completion of the talks.
"Although discussions are very much in an exploratory phase, our respective boards recognize that the potential for growth as a combined institution far exceeds what either of us can accomplish alone," said University of the Sciences board chairman, Marvin Samson.  "We look forward to sharing additional information as talks progress."
Salus and USciences offer marquee programs that, if combined, would form a health sciences university of considerable breadth and scale. As the landscape of American higher education has changed over the past few years, the boards at Salus and USciences believed it was important to consider how combining forces would strengthen professional health education delivery and be poised to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Both institutions concur that there are tremendous opportunities that can be gained from this potential partnership.
Jo Surpin, Chair of the Salus Board of Trustees, stated, “There is considerable due diligence yet to be conducted as we determine whether a formal relationship such as that being discussed would be in the best interest of our respective students, faculties, professions, and the vast and diverse populations we serve.”