OCA Advisory Board

The University's Osborne College of Audiology (OCA) Advisory Board was on campus for a two-day meeting on December 3 and 4. The seventeen members met with Dean Victor Bray and faculty members to review the College’s plans and programs and offer recommendations. The Board also spoke with Salus President Mittelman and Provost Scharre, and met with OCA students.

OCA Advisory Board members are:
  • Dr. A.U. Bankaitis
  • Dr. Lucille Beck
  • Dr. Fred H. Bess
  • Dr. Bettie C. Borton
  • Dr. Rita R. Chaiken
  • Ms. Kathy Christensen
  • Dr. Robert M. DiSogra
  • Dr. Anne Eckert
  • Dr. Kathy Foltner
  • Ms. Kimberly S. Herman-Lody
  • Dr. Sherman Lord
  • Mr. Carl Polsky
  • Dr. Eileen Rall
  • Dr. Alicia Spoor
  • Dr. Charles Stone
  • Dr. Ian Windmill
  • Dr. David A. Zapala