Salus PhD Awarded to Dr. Scheiman
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Salus PhD Awarded to Dr. Scheiman

Salus PhD Awarded to Dr. ScheimanMitchell Scheiman, OD, dean of Research and nationally recognized expert on convergence insufficiency, successfully defended his dissertation last month and became the first Salus faculty member to earn the University’s PhD in Biomedicine. Dr. Scheiman is only the second person to earn this degree, and he will receive it at the May 26 commencement.

Dr. Scheiman successfully defended his dissertation, “Objective Assessment of Oculomotor Plasticity after Treatment of Symptomatic Convergence Insufficiency in Children” on Wednesday, April 27. The large audience filled the Board Room and included Dr. Michael H. Mittelman, many fellow Salus faculty, students and staff. Also in attendance via phone and Webinex were Dr. Scheiman’s primary mentor, Dr. Tara Alvarez, and his external examiner, Dr. Richard Hertle, as well as other Salus faculty.

Dr. William Monaco & Dr. Mitchell Scheiman
Dr. William Monaco & Dr. Mitchell Scheiman

Dr. William Monaco, associate dean of Graduate Programs in Biomedicine, presided over the presentation. Also there in official capacities were internal examiner, Dr. Robert Barsotti, associate professor, and disinterested party, Ms. Jane Tyson, administrative assistant, Technology and Library Services, whose duty was to ensure that the rules governing the process were observed and to report any discrepancies. Salus adjunct Maxine Scheiman, MS, was present in an “unofficial” capacity, as she watched her husband present his data and conclusions, and answer the examiner’s questions. Congratulations, Dr. Scheiman – well done! 

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