Celebrating Blindness Awareness Month
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Celebrating Blindness Awareness Month

Bam GramIn recognition of Blindness Awareness Month, faculty and students from the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies (BLVS) celebrated by creating and sending BAM Grams, customized braille messages, to friends on campus. This is the first year implementing the activity, and approximately 100 BAM Grams were written and decoded in order to raise awareness of the Blindness and Low Vision Studies field. 

Those interested in sending a personalized message also had the chance to try on low vision simulators and utilize white canes, both of which are staples of the program. Dr. Jason Barr, dean of the College of Education and Rehabilitation, mentioned, “The BAM activity was a great opportunity for Salus BLVS students to showcase their skills and passion for helping those with low vision to the University community.” The Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies plans to continue this activity each year to raise awareness during Blindness Awareness Month. 

Salus Blindness and Low Vision Studies students who participated in the event included:

  • Stacey Telgren
  • Kaise Recek
  • Sara Reuss
  • Rolande Fleurival
  • Meagan Gerdes

More About BLVS Programs at Salus

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