Medal Monday: Lorraine Lombardi, PhD
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Medal Monday: Lorraine Lombardi, PhD

President’s Medal Recipients

Dr. Lombardi yearbook photoMany people have been part of the proud history of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) and Salus University.  Alumni, faculty, and friends of the College helped establish PCO as a pioneer and leader in the field of optometric education and the profession of optometry. The following people - highlighted on Medal Mondays - were honored on May 20, 1995 at the 75th Anniversary Gala Celebration for their outstanding contributions to the College and the field of optometry and vision care.

At the Centennial Gala Celebration on April 27, 2019, additional alumni, faculty, and friends will be honored.    

Lorraine Lombardi, PhD

Dr. Lombardi writing on a blackboardFor fifty years, one of the most beloved teachers at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO) and Salus University was Dr. Lorraine Lombardi.Throughout her time at PCO, Dr. Lombardi made a lasting impression on thousands of students and alumni. Regarded as a PCO trailblazer by a former student, Dr. Lombardi was not only dedicated to teaching her students, but she always made the extra effort to help her students and engage them in her lectures. 

With a specialization in neuro, Dr. Lombardi received her master’s degrees from Hahnemann Medical College Graduate School before joining PCO as a full-time instructor in fall 1968. From the beginning of her teaching career, Dr. Lombardi understood neuro to be an important part of optometry and believed strongly PCO graduates could distinguish themselves not only as professional experts, but as experts in the neurologic basis for vision and neuro-ophthalmic disease.

Dr. Lombardi was the first recipient of PCO’s [AA1] Educator of the Year award in 1978 – an award in which she received six more times before her retirement.

Prior to retiring in June 2018, Dr. Lombardi traveled to various locations on the “Lombardi Farewell Tour”, giving former students a chance to attend her last Continuing Education (CE) presentations as a PCO/Salus faculty member. Additionally, as a testament to Dr. Lombardi’s legacy, the University unveiled “The Lombardi Classroom” last year.