DEI Remains Salus Strong with New Addition to University Community
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DEI Remains Salus Strong with New Addition to University Community


In fall 2020, Salus established a new staff position: special assistant to the president for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion appointed to Dr. Juliana Mosley-Williams. With more than 20 years of experience in higher education and a focus on strategic DEI initiatives, Dr. Mosley-Williams has strengthened the University’s longstanding commitment to health and well-being for all by fostering an equitable space for academic excellence, professional development, and holistic growth. In this multifaceted position, Dr. Mosley-Williams interacts with all members of the University – students, faculty, staff, and alumni – to ensure our community reflects all the voices that make Salus unique. Here is a recap of an interview originally produced in 2021 to get to know more about Dr. Mosley-Williams – or Dr. J as she’s known to the students - in the Q&A below. 

What does it mean to be the first person to take on this role for Salus University? 

juliana-mosley-williams2To quote my Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sister and our Vice President, Kamala Harris, “I may be the first, but I will not be the last.” As the inaugural special assistant to the president for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I carry the tremendous honor and privilege in supporting the University’s ongoing work in DEI but included in that work is recognizing the foundation set before I arrived and building the infrastructure for it to continue. 

In addition to programming and communications, my work includes reviewing current policies and procedures and incorporating DEI throughout the mission and vision of the University in the development of a DEI Strategic Plan. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution and it will take some time to evaluate and implement new strategies, but I am confident now is the time to act and Salus, with its focus on improving the public’s health and welfare, can serve as a model institution. 

What stands out about Salus University? 

The students, faculty, and staff at Salus University are all well-aware of the impact they can have on thousands of individuals through their work in healthcare. They are proud to carry that responsibility and are eager to make a difference in the world. That perspective inspires and energizes me in my own work here. My goal in this role is to provide strategic direction, programming, trainings, and experiences to the University community that can become lasting moments in their professional and individual development. Whether they’re interacting with a prospective student or a new patient, every member of the University community should leave Salus knowing how to treat others with respect and dignity because they have experienced it themselves. 

How can our University community follow along with your work?

I welcome and encourage conversation on how to amplify all voices at Salus and strengthen our University community. Email to share any ideas, feedback, or to report any incidents that deviate away from our DEI goals. You can also visit to find information on upcoming and past events. I look forward to sharing updates and connecting with all Salus constituency. Recently, the DEI section of the University’s website has been reinvigorated and has been infused with additional information. Check it out here