Q&A: Post-baccalaureate Speech-Language Pathology Track with Lauren Bevan
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Q&A: Post-baccalaureate Speech-Language Pathology Track with Lauren Bevan

Join Robert Serianni, MS, CCC-SLP, FNAP, the chair and program director of the department of Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) at Salus University, as he speaks with adjunct faculty member Lauren Bevan, MS '17, CCC-SLP, about the Post-baccalaureate Speech-Language Pathology Track. Geared towards students who are interested in coming into the field but are missing the prerequisite courses to enter graduate school, or who are interested in working in the field but want to pursue the role of a speech-language pathology assistant, learn more about this new program at Salus.

Lauren and Bob double headshot1Bevan: I graduated from Salus in 2017, and right now I'm working for the school district in an elementary school setting. I work with students who are in autistic support classrooms. Some are non-verbal and use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). I also work with general education students who just are working on articulation, so I get to see a lot.

Serianni: You have a really interesting perspective because you've been in the program and now as a practitioner and externship supervisor, you've supervised a couple of our graduate students as an alum.

What interested you into taking on a teaching role?

Bevan: I had really great clinical advisors. I had really great professors, and that to me makes such a huge difference in wanting to continue the path in speech pathology and being passionate about it. And I love that I get to be that for other students. I'm really passionate about our field and I think that it's good to learn from somebody that just wants you to succeed and really just wants to get you there in whatever way you learn. So it's been really, really great to be able to do that.

Serianni: We are excited to see you working with our students as a really strong student while in the program. As a fan favorite externship supervisor, we knew you were going to be a really great asset to the program when we asked you to teach. What was it like for you as a professor working with the students in the post-bacc?

Bevan: It was a really unique experience. I thought it was great because all of the students have chosen to be here. It's not just a normal undergrad. They're not taking classes that they just have to take. They're taking classes that are really truly geared toward what they want to pursue. So it allows for a lot more questions, a lot more conversation. I think it adds to the learning environment a lot. I think all the students were great. There was a lot of conversation between them and a smaller group, so it really worked out well.

Serianni: Anything that you want to highlight as an advantage to the program here we offer at Salus?

Bevan: I think what's really unique about it is because Salus does have a graduate program, they know exactly how to program for the post-bacc. They know the information that you will need to know. They understand the skills that graduate programs and the field is looking for, so I think it provides a much more in-depth look at what you might not get other places.

Serianni: Any advice that you would give a potential student interested in attending our program here at Salus?

Bevan: Apply. When you're thinking about it, it's daunting and scary and you're like, "Do I want to go back to school? Is this what I want to do?" But I think it's a great field. There's so much flexibility and different opportunities in the field, so just do it. If you're looking for a sign, this is it. Just apply and do it.