Benjamin Lane, OD ‘58
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Benjamin Lane, OD ‘58

Alumni from all our programs recently provided memories from their time as students here on campus. Below is one excerpt from the collection. 

Benjamin Lane headshotMy experience at the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry (PSCO) was life-changing. I was introduced to optometry and the broader medical field, which included psychology, psychophysics, and other sciences. This gave me a new perspective on healthcare and set me up for a healthy lifestyle.

I was also lucky enough to be nominated to teach at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and was invited to a five-year reunion in 1954. I was even asked to run for president of a campus organization and won. I was also invited to lecture all over the world, including China, Turkey, and the European Congress of Ophthalmology. I was nominated to teach at PCO again in 2008, but due to the economy, the program was not funded.

Looking back, I value the introduction to optometry and the broader medical field the most from my time at PCO. It has had a lasting impact on my career and my life.

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