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We deeply appreciate the investment that our alumni and friends have made in the future of healthcare, education and rehabilitation.

Charitable contributions to Salus University provide a strong foundation for our education and service programs. Whether you would like to support our current programs with an annual contribution, or are considering a deferred or planned gift, your gift will be impactful and appreciated.

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Create an Endowed Scholarship or Fund
Endowed scholarships allow ambitious students from all backgrounds to attend Salus University and start their careers with less debt so they can focus on meeting the nation's growing needs for a highly skilled healthcare workforce.

A minimum gift or multi-year pledge (up to five years) of $25,000 will activate an endowment. The funds from interest earned on the principle will be provided in perpetuity. If you decide on a multi-year pledge, the first scholarship is awarded one-year after the endowment becomes fully funded (unless you fund an additional annual gift of $500 in which case such funds will be awarded to the recipient until such time as the endowment becomes fully funded.) Additional gifts may be made to a named scholarship endowment fund at any time. To learn more, email or call 215-780-1397.

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