Located at The Eye Institute, the Feinbloom Center offers visually impaired individuals information, instruction and access to specialized magnification devices.

Feinbloom Low Vision CenterThe Feinbloom Center was established to continue the groundbreaking work of Dr. William Feinbloom, an optometric scientist in low vision and a pioneer in the field of contact lenses and vision rehabilitation for more than 50 years.

The Feinbloom Center has been nationally and internationally recognized as a center of excellence in the field of low vision rehabilitation. Staffed by a team of professionals who work together to address the needs of persons who have a visual impairment, this team approach includes the affected individual, family members, an optometrist and one or more optometric interns, a vision rehabilitation specialist and a social service staff member. Other professionals such as an ophthalmologist, an orientation and mobility specialist, a rehabilitation teacher, an educator of the visually impaired and a technology specialist may be included as members of the team, depending upon the conditions and needs of the individual.

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