Image Use Guidelines

Salus University’s Office of Communications regularly takes photographs and videos of campus facilities that may include individuals in public settings. No written authorization of such individuals is required for the use of such images in news and editorial contexts.

Whenever possible, University photographers will identify themselves and inform subjects about the potential uses of the images. In instances when an individual requests that their image not to be reproduced, efforts will be made to comply with such request.

Written permission is required, however, (1) for any use of images of children or patients in clinical settings or (2) for any subject’s image to be used in a context that implies endorsement by such subject.

Images produced by Salus University are for the exclusive benefit of the University. The images may be used by the media for news or editorial content related to Salus University. Others may use the images for noncommercial communication pieces related to Salus University. Published images must include a credit (“photographer’s name/Salus University” or “courtesy of …”). The specific credit and other details are also embedded in the digital file, which can be viewed by using Photoshop and choosing “File Info…” under the File menu.
None of the images may be modified, altered, or used in any way that changes or misrepresents the photograph’s content or overall context.