Alumni Ambassadors“Every day, when we walk into our places of work, we represent our professions, our families and our alma mater. By serving as an Alumni Ambassador you will be giving the important gift of your time in support of your profession and the University - it's a "perpetual gift" that keeps on giving."

Kenneth W. Savitski, OD '87
Past President, Salus University Alumni Association

Salus University alumni have a very important role in educating potential applicants about our professions and our university. There are many ways to participate in the Alumni Ambassador program.

Here are just a few:

  • Assist with admissions recruitment: The Office of Admissions participates in dozens of graduate school fairs and club presentations throughout the country. Alumni can accompany an Admissions officer to a local college to speak with prospective students. These events typically occur from mid-September to early November and late January to April during the afternoon or evening hours. The list of scheduled dates and times can be found in Admissions Events.
  • Refer an applicant to the University: Some of our brightest graduates came to Salus because they were inspired by an alumnus who talked with them about their profession. You can help foster interest in your profession by displaying the University's admissions material in your office.
  • Welcome admitted students: A sincere congratulatory call or letter from an alumnus to an admitted student speaks volumes about the level of commitment we have to our admitted students. The Office of Admissions would be thrilled if you could reach out to a student, perhaps one living in your area. This outreach typically begins in September and continues into the spring.
  • Host a reception for admitted students: We invite you to host a casual get together at your home or practice with newly admitted students. This is a way to engage students informally to discuss all of the wonderful opportunities you have been afforded since graduating. The timing for such events would be in early to mid-spring and could be held in the evening or on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

To sign up to help with any of the above initiatives please complete our online form or to discuss your own ideas, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement:

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