All new students and employees are issued a magnetized University photo ID that is to be worn at all times while on campus or at one of the University’s clinical facilities.

IDs are issued at the Office of Safety and Security, located in Room S-102, across from the student locker room.

A University ID is required for taking tests and examinations, admission to the Hafter Student Community Center, and to access some facilities during certain hours/days of the week.

Replacement ID Cards

If your ID is lost or stolen, please send an email to and mark the subject line “Lost ID.” Include your name, program, and class year in the body of your message if you are a student. Employees should provide their name, department, and extension.

  • There is a $20.00 replacement fee for lost IDs.
  • For damaged, torn cards: no replacement charge if a remnant or piece of the original ID can be produced.
  • Name changes: there is no fee to change a name (please complete the name change through the Office of the Registrar first).

Please call 215.780.1401 with any questions.