Coming Soon: Virtual Reality Simulation Lab
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Coming Soon: Virtual Reality Simulation Lab

OD virtual realityToday’s technology provides new ways to significantly enhance a student’s ability in ophthalmoscopy before they begin to examine patients. Salus University is creating a simulation lab adjacent to the new optometric clinical skills lab featuring state-of-the-art virtual reality technology that provides a powerful training tool for both indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy.

The simulation lab will include 12 stations; eight stations to train students in indirect and four stations for training in direct ophthalmoscopy. The simulator provides a highly realistic, three-dimensional experience of retinal examinations as well as affording an opportunity to learn how to properly handle the ophthalmoscope. Second year Pennsylvania College of Optometry student, Bradford Hearn, stated, “The first few times learning to use a BIO [binocular indirect ophthalmoscope] can be real difficult. This virtual simulator can really lower the learning curve for future students.”

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