Celebrating Our SAG Recipients
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Celebrating Our SAG Recipients

Like many events this spring, the University’s sixth annual Salus Awards Gala (SAG), originally planned for April 17, was derailed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The celebratory event, normally hosted by the Campus Activities Committee, is traditionally a gala affair for the entire University community, with tuxedos and gowns and high spirits to pair with a full buffet dinner. 

Although the event will be celebrated again with the next round of award recipients, in an effort to give recognition to the achievements and success of this year’s recipients, watch the video to learn more about faculty and staff making serious strides at Salus.

Amanda Marchegiani, AuD ‘10: Outstanding Professor for the Osborne College of Audiology

Dr. Marchegiani comes to lab with a smile on her face and is always ready to teach future audiologists. She is respectful and kind to the students and tries to impart every ounce of knowledge she can with the time given.

Amanda Ayars, AuD: Outstanding Clinical Preceptor at the Pennsylvania Ear Institute

Ken is understanding and patient with both students and patients. He seeks to provide a welcoming community and helps in any way he can. He dedicates his time to his students to educate them about the world of SLP including professional issues, research and clinical practices

Patricia Mayro, MA, CCC-SLP: Outstanding Clinical Preceptor at the Speech-Language Institute

Even though Patricia has been appointed interim clinical director, she continues the high caliber of interactions with all her graduate students and clients. She works with compassion, understanding the demands of today's graduate student. With her open-door policy, we are all better clinicians due to her availability to answer clinical and theoretical questions

Dawn Ciccarone, MS, OTR/L, CLVT: Outstanding Professor for the College of Education and Rehabilitation

Dawn comes to work excited about her job and the changes she makes in the world. Her passion is palpable and passed on to the students. Dawn also engages students in other programs through low vision rehabilitation and demonstrates the importance of interprofessional referrals

Patricia Mayro, MA, CCC-SLP: Outstanding Professor for the College of Education and Rehabilitation

Patricia is so knowledgeable about the field of speech-language pathology and cares so much about all of her students. We are so lucky to be able to have her as an instructor!

Adam Moore, ATC, MHS, PA-C: Outstanding Professor for the College of Health Sciences

Adam is a full-time professor in the Physician Assistant (PA) program who takes the time to explain important topics and engage students in learning. He is an exceptional professor and overall human being. Seriously, the guy is fighting cancer and still teaches daily and cares about our students... he is amazing and needs to be rewarded for fighting through hard times. He displays courage. I am absolutely amazed that he still comes in every day to teach and get the job done. God bless Adam! I remember when he was my physical diagnosis instructor. Before we would start our lab, he would ask "what's going on" or "what's up," but not to talk about school, to talk about anything. He makes his teaching personal in this way. We aren't nervous to make mistakes when he's our instructor because we trust him and know that the feedback we receive is genuine. He truly wants his students to be the best PAs and people that we can be, and it truly shows.

Jamie Neiman, OD ‘01: Outstanding Professor for The Pennsylvania College of Optometry

Dr. Neiman is a fantastic educator. She is very approachable and clearly cares deeply about her students and their learning process. She treats all students with the utmost respect and does her absolute best to help them achieve their goals to become great future clinicians. She presents material multiple ways and provides numerous opportunities for students to improve on their skills. She makes students want to learn and, most importantly, enjoys doing it.

Andrew Gurwood, OD ‘89, FAAO: Outstanding Clinical Preceptor at The Eye Institute

Dr. Gurwood has spent 30 years at PCO and is one of the most dedicated clinical educators I have ever known in my 27-year-history of optometric education.

Nicholas Gidosh, OD ‘15, FAAO: Outstanding Clinical Preceptor at The Eye Institute

Dr. Gidosh is the most outstanding clinic preceptor at TEI. As a second year OD student in the contact lens specialty, I have learned so much from Dr. Gidosh because of his eagerness to teach, inspire and educate his students. Because of Dr. Gidosh, I feel that I have a newfound love for the contact lens service, offering enthusiasm and dedication each time I am able to work with him. Not only is he wonderful with students, he never fails to make the patient feel more than welcome and excited about the new opportunities with their specialty contact lenses. Dr. Gidosh is always making the students feel comfortable in clinic, even when we have yet to learn specifics. He creates a very comfortable and exciting learning environment, which I have been incredibly thankful for.

Tracy Offerdahl, BSc, PharmD: Onofrey G. Rybchok Educator of the Year Award

Tracy is able to make pharmacology fun and easy to learn. The majority of our healthcare career will be prescribing medications and picking out the right ones. She makes sure we know what we need to know to ensure success.

Jackie Hamlett, Reflections Café: Helping Hand

Jackie deserves this award. She is always smiling and has a pleasant word to keep you going. She works at the cash register and is the one who brightens my day.

The Office of Safety and Security: Steadfast Service Award

The Office of Safety and Security always greets everyone with a smile no matter the time of day. They are courteous and always make us feel safe. 

Monae Kelsey, Associate Director of Student Engagement, Assistant Director of Admissions: Student Organization Advisor of the Year Award

Monae has attended every single event I have ever attended (which is quite a lot) and always has a cheerful energy and vibe to her. She is always willing to help and motivate others to get involved on campus! I’m grateful for her and all she does for Salus University!

Student Optometric Service to Humanity: Student Organization of the Year Award (Crozier Cup)

This club helped organize students to go on a mission trip to Panama to help the less fortunate and allowed students to provide care to those who do not have access to healthcare. They are thoroughly involved with the University and help with the organizations of events and fundraisers around campus

Dean’s Winterfest (Salus Ambassadors): Social Event of the Year Award

It was an amazing event with good food, fun crafts and a nice opportunity to donate winter gear to charity. It was a nice opportunity to get together and enjoy some time with students outside of our native program and watch some fun ugly-but-fashionable sweaters walk down the runway.

Student Academy of Audiology (SAA): Spirit of Salus Community Service Award

This year has been a transformative year for SAA as some of the board members took it upon themselves to truly look at the structure of the organization and make changes in their constitution for the better. They held hearing screenings across the Philadelphia area, at the Special Olympics, as well as the walk for hearing. They also participated in a clothing drive during the late fall months and donated bags and bags of clothing to a local shelter in need. They have been working to build their club’s standing in the Salus community and have been succeeding in doing so.

Payton Burke, ‘21AUD: Lombardi Emerging Professional of the Year Award

Payton truly represented the best of Salus and student council throughout her two years on the executive board. She continued to push the board forward, welcome new ideas and try to create a positive experience for anyone involved. Her executive board functioned with reduced numbers so well because of her leadership and dedication to the success of student council. Outside of student council, she is seen as a positive leader on this campus and is a welcoming face to students, faculty and administration. I am very lucky to have seen her grow in her position as a leader and know that she will make Salus proud throughout her fourth year rotation and as a professional.

Pratik Shah, ‘22OD: Organizational Leadership Excellence Award

Pratik is the SOSH internal fundraiser. He has helped brainstorm and set up countless events to help make the Panama mission trip possible for all the students involved. He choreographs the entire process to make sure these students are successful and will eventually be able to reach their goal to serve in Panama. Although the internal fundraiser, Pratik shows dedication and perseverance in SOSH by helping everyone out with their responsibilities in the executive board. He is responsible for helping students organize and set up fundraisers throughout campus and makes sure to reach out to those who need help and finish everything according to task in a timely manner, working however many hours he needs to accomplish this.

Sukrana Uddin, ‘23OD: Leader on the Rise Award

She doesn't hold any titles of a specific organization, but she has shown extreme interest in being involved in almost all of the school events. She shows up to meetings and asks to be involved in any way she can.

Puja Patel, ‘21OD: The Unsung Hero Award

Puja is the definition of a ray of sunshine and goes above and beyond to help someone. She was always willing to help another student or even just lend an opinion. She is the true definition of the unsung hero, but doesn’t always get the credit she deserves. She is always there to have your back. I don’t think my Salus experience would have been the same without her.

Sean Lewis, ‘23OD: The Pinnacle Award

Sean is a true representation of a leader and brings new meaning to the word “pinnacle” itself. From the moment we all began our journeys in August 2019, Sean has served as a leader in our class by consistently providing insight, help, emphasizing teamwork, and just putting all of us at ease with his kind words and gestures. As a former member of a previous class, Sean uses his past experiences to help others reach their goals. He constantly reminds OD 2023 of the end-goal, especially when times get tough, such as when we have three exams, four quizzes and a practical in one week. Sean has taken the time to create grade calculator spreadsheets for our class in order for us to stay on track. From big things to little things, such as throwing a meme in the GroupMe when he knows everyone is stressed, Sean always has everyone’s best interests at heart. I believe my class is very lucky to have a leader such as him, and I know he is an extremely valuable leader and member of the Salus community as a whole. For these reasons, I believe Sean Lewis should be recognized as being a true pinnacle of Salus University.